Comforts ~ Day 10 or Woo Woo Day or Things I Want to be Grateful for:


Woowoo (Photo credit: BaileyRaeWeaver)

I am projecting here, trying to send the Universe a message by being grateful ahead of time. Woo-woo stuff ~ but some days that is all I got:

1. Thanks for letting me win the lottery—not a free ticket; not $5.00; but something in the six figure range.

2. Thanks for putting all my columns together, creating a bestselling book, and buying the movie rights.

3. Thanks for making all my family and friends healthy, wealthy, and wise.

That is my list—now universe do your stuff.

Definition of WooWoo in my personal dictionary: stuff you are afraid not to believe in because it might be true; stuff your practical mind dismisses; the unscientific study of the law of attraction: or wish it and it will come true.

Please, dear readers, do not take me too seriously here–but universe if you are listening–I am ready.

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  1. Wow, let me know if it works. And if it does, write me in there somewhere!

  2. I love the idea of gratitude in advance! I think I am going make my own little list (but I’m borrowing your lottery one). 🙂

    • if you want to share it–I look forward to seeing it – as you can see–I tried to cover all the bases with number 3

  3. Like, Like & Like. Good luck & Thanks! 😉

  4. Hey, Lou, you know I believe in this stuff. Just the simple, “I am ready” is pretty profound.


    • You know, I do too – just have trouble admitting it cause I have always been such a feet planted firmly on the ground kindagal–and that is just boring. I am ready! – glad that is profound

  5. Wow… kind of got excited there for a minute…..I am not good at reading the entire post before I make a judgement. Like you woo woo list!

  6. Woo woo!

    • ha ha – or were you being a train? as in chugga chugga chugga chagga woo woo

  7. If I could I would grant all your future wishes, especially # 3. Haha.

  8. I’ll keep looking for the bottle with the genie in it!

  9. If you expect good things, they’ll come your way.

  10. I second the motion for you! 🙂

  11. I love this! Never heard of woo woo before.

  12. Hey, nothing wrong with doing stuff in advance! I’m sure the universe will put it on your tab to refer to should you ever be hit with the “ungratefuls” (which will inevitably happen to the best of us).

  13. I need help with my reading comprehension. At first I thought the woo-woo was for stuff you already. 🙂 I was like “What? She won the damn lotto?!” Haha. So sign me up for Woo-Woo cuz I’m ready, too.

  14. I like your positive attitude. I’m going to try it. Give me some love universe.

  15. I especially enjoyed your last line of this post. Got me chuckling!

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