Comforts ~ Day 9 Or Cookies and Milk

My three things today may seem pedestrian, but they are what get me through the hard times:


books (Photo credit: brody4)

1. My books – I can lose myself in a good book (or magazine, or newspaper, or mouthwash bottle, or cereal box – I will quite literally read anything)

2. The Food Channel, Community, Downton Abbey, The Big Bang Theory, and sometimes when I am feeling really low, I watch really crappy TV to make me feel better about my life (LOL)

3. Comfort food – which generally includes something sweet and a glass of milk. The glass of milk cancels out the guilt from eating the something sweet – after all, we all need calcium-right?

It may sound like I am not really trying today, but seriously these are the things I am grateful for when life gets just that little bit too difficult.

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  1. Lou Ann, The Big Bang Theory is one of my all time favorite shows! Also, How I Met Your Mother. We also watch the Food Channel and of course, HGTV. Comfort food to me is spaghetti. And dark chocolate after that.

    And books, well yeah. I’ve met people who don’t read fiction. It astounds me….it’s one of my favorite things.

    • I like How I Met Your Mother too but for some reason my husband doesn’t, so I watch it with my youngest son who is leaving for college on Sunday (sob!). I know people who do not read and I just cannot figure it out – it is such a large part of my life.

      • I hear a tender post coming….we will wait patiently and give our support. Promise. Good thoughts to you as your baby prepares to cut the apron strings in a major way!

  2. I have never seen Downton A. but a few people have said how good it is – I will have to get it on DVD! I know what you mean about reading cereal boxes etc. I think this is a great list Lou Ann!

    • I did not start watching it until this year–but I am hooked. Any list with books and cookies and TV cannot be a bad list (lol)

      • We only have two tv stations here so I definitely need to catch up! I don’t like cookies but cheese – oh cheeeeese!!!

      • I love cheese too — and it is supposed to be good for dental care – but really, who cares?

  3. I couldn’t agree more!! When the stress of daily life is getting to me, there is nothing better than escaping into a good book, and if there happens to be a pound of chocolate sitting beside me, all the better :). If I had to get rid of everything but one type of possession, I would keep books hands down!!

    • Oops!!! LOL

      • sometimes the replies seem to send themselves before you finish–happens to me all the time.Pound of chocolate sounds good!

  4. I would say that is a great list. I don’t do the book thing though – easin’ may way into that. Need to find more time.
    TV shows are a good fun distraction – especially in the winter.
    Comfort food – YUM – Any time – any Day 🙂

  5. I love Big Bang Theory and great book! Put these things together and you’ve got a perfect day. 🙂

  6. Cheer Up!
    As the Buddhist monks say:This Too shall pass.You will be better.

  7. When life gets crazy and stress threatens to take over it is the little things, the simple things that slow and calm things down. I think your list is perfect. I would have a dog or cat to snuggle with on my list, along with books, and ice cream. 🙂

  8. Everybody knows that milk cancels out calories and fat.

    My favourite comfort show is Coronation Street. My perfect Sunday morning is a full pot of coffee, and as much Coronation Street as I can watch (it’s on for 5 hours on Sunday mornings). Followed by a book and some chocolate, I could fit all of it into one day. Easily.

    I haven’t watched Downton Abby yet, but saw the DVD’s for sale, so might pick them up. Is it kinda like Upstairs, Downstairs?

  9. I have tried to watch Coronation Street but feel I am coming into the middle of something and do not know the characters or storyline
    I have been told that Downton is like Upstairs, Downstairs
    I agree with you – milk does cancel out calories and fat

  10. My blibling, we have so much in common I am learning, Downton Abbey Fan? Oh My. Cannot wait for season 3. This December! Would love to watch it with you. How amazing!

    Oh, I got off track. My blog comment thread from you is full and I was afraid you might not see it so I came here. Needed to and look what I find. awesome! Great post.

    Hugs my sister ~ BB

    • Hi blog sis–glad you came by –it is a date – we should watch it and talk about it afterward–what do you think? It is not until December–bummer (do people still use that word?) 🙂

      • I agree. Its a date Awesome! I checked out the new season on PBS and we are in for some suprises. It’s released in the UK in September and the states in December.

        I still use the word bummer, But then I stil use the word Farout…

      • I always liked farout – December is a long wait – have a feeling I will be watching my DVDs

  11. It seems like everyone’s talking about Downton Abbey, so I guess I should check it out for myself.

  12. Big Bang Theory and cookies and milk – way to make your life complete my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I know I am pathetic aren’t I?

      • NO NO way, that is not what I meant at all!!! I meant that IS the way to make life complete – there is nothing better I would like to be doing myself!

      • You are always so sweet, I knew you did not mean anything wayward, sometimes my stupid sense of humour gets in the way — I agree that cookies and milk and books are lovely ways to pass a day

  13. Every little bit helps. At least you took the time to think of these things, sometimes I don’t even remember to do that when I’m stressed or unhappy. I hope you’re enjoying your books/television/milk and cookies!

  14. Cookies, cookies, cookies,…..Everything goes better with cookies. Living at the cottage all summer, tv watching is limited so we got to watching Big Band Theory( it’s on here at least 3 times a day) and we are now hooked.

  15. LOL @ the milk/calcium/sweet rationalization.

  16. Oh I agree wholeheartedly with everything on your list!!!

  17. i’m with you on all of the above ~ yes i enjoy reading food box labels heh heh

    you and i have established our love for Downton *sigh* can’t wait till season 3…

    big bang theory used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, mainly because i love leonard {and will root for him with penny}.

    milk is a daily part of my diet, right now i’m into warm milk and honey with cinnamon… cookies too of course

    • I like Leonard, but Shely is my favorite
      warm milk with honey and cinnamon–even sounds comforting
      I guess we have to wait until Dec for new Downton Abbey

  18. Yep, like tonight had to have something sweet – and not a desert in the house! So I ate two frozen waffles with syrup and felt SO much better! What comfort!

  19. I loved your wee list, like you I read everything, if there are words in front of me i am reading them and i could not for the life of me tell you a favourite.. I know what i enjoy though! have a lovely day.. c

    • thanks for stopping by and you have a lovely day too! sounds like we are both crazy readers!

  20. mmmm cookies and milk! I hear if you eat the cookies that are broken the calories fall out 🙂

    • I like that theory – what if you break them on purpose–does that still count – lol

  21. Books, tea and cookies….sounds like the perfect comfort combination ( I can’t drink milk anymore, but dunking cookies instead of breaking them up work also for cutting calories, the dunking melts them away!! LOL) Blessings – Patty

    • I like all these calorie-cutting hints –I love cookies and tea too – particularly short bread and Earl Grey

      • Do you have a Pannera Bread close by? If you do, try their shortbread – oh my gosh – they are buttery and melt in your mouth. No calories there!! ha ha

      • I am not sure – will have to look into it – is it an American store or are there some in Canada?

      • They are a chain – they serve soups, sandwiches and oh delicious cookies and muffins! Their soups are creamy and the bread – oh my – lets just say I don’t think about the carbs when I go in. 🙂 I am not sure if they have ventured into Canada yet or not. The first thing I plan to buy when and if we ever get to Scotland is good old fashioned Scottish Shortbread.. 😉 Only I would think of traveling to Europe and plan my menu before I even have the tickets or an Itinerary! LOL

      • nothing wrong with that — I would like to visit Scotland some day, as part of my mom’s heritage is Scottish

      • my great grandparents were Scots Irish coming over from Northern Ireland. I tell everyone the Scots in me wants to save money and the Irish in me wants to spend it!! I must admit the Irish in me wins every time! LOL

      • lol 🙂

  22. You listed two of my favorite shows. Where’s the chocolate? I’ll come over and join you! I just finished two seasons of “Pretty Little Liars” Total air-head escapism. 🙂

    • chocolate in my world does not have to be said aloud or written – it just is a fact of life lol

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