Comforts ~ Day 6 Or I Did Not Kill the Cat!


bob (Photo credit: kittykatfish)

I know this is not a very good title for a post about gratefulness. But I am going to be speaking on behalf of the family cat, Kitty Bob today. I am translating for him because I know he is very grateful. So in Kitty Bob’s words:

1.  I am grateful that my mistress did not use up one of my nine lives this morning after I peed on some very important papers that took her hours and hours of work to complete. They had mostly numbers on them and not words, so I know it was not the work she likes to do, but the work she has to do that I relieved myself on. I have heard her say many times that she does not like doing bookwork so I thought she would not mind. She did.

2.  I am overjoyed that my mistress did not bundle me up in a bag, tie it with twine and put me in the car and take me to the country and drop me off. I would have probably found my way back, but I do not think the reception would have been very warm.

3. I am thankful that she just yelled at me put and me in the basement and closed the door. I know she will feed me and she will forgive me as she always does. I also know that the three males in the family love me to death and will sneak me treat and hugs while I am being punished.

“I vow to make my mistress happy and to never pee on anything that should not be peed on again.” ~ Kitty Bob (my mistress made me say this, but there are just no guarantees—a cat has got to do what a cat has got to do.)

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  1. Meouch!
    He is lucky…

  2. You do not know how lucky!

  3. Awwww, poor Kitty Bob! If I were there I’d be sneaking him hugs and treats too.

  4. How sweet, Lou Ann. Hope you’ve forgiven Kitty Bob. My pup, Sophie chewed one of the ears to one of my favorite pairs of stylish glasses — they are stylish no more! Happy weekend.

  5. I’m thinking that Kitty Bob is going to be much more careful in the future. It’s been a very hot summer, and I don’t think he wants to walk all the way home from the country. 🙂

  6. Hi LouAnn, I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please see my post titled One Lovely Blog Award for more details. Thank you for your wonderful blog and your generous support of my blog!

    • I am extremely honoured – thank you so much and I immensely enjoy your blog!

  7. Kitty Bob is one very smart cat! Not only did he found a way to smooth his way out of trouble, but he got published too -:)!

  8. I love your sense of humour! Was laughing and snickering out loud reading this post.

  9. Well you are good at turning a disaster into something hilariously funny!

    • thank you, it may take me a while before I find it funny – – cat may be in the basement the rest of his life. (except the three other males who reside here LOVE the cat so he will be rescued from my wrath)

  10. LOL – I felt similarly after Bert ate the toes out of my brand new and very expensive Italian Leather boots…

    And yes, Bert lives on to chew another day.

    Maybe Kitty Bob was trying to get you to work on stuff you love?
    Hugs to you (and that bad cat!) xx

    • lol – maybe the cat is really my muse–hmmm–interesting way to look at this – thanks for the hugs –it was that kind of a day

  11. Kitty Bob is a very lucky kiitty….lol Diane

  12. Toooo funny Lou…I wonder if that cat realizes what good sense of humor his mistress has.

    • Between you and me – it is not that good. Bob is still in trouble in my books.

  13. Kitty Bob appears to be snoozing too happily in that photo. Clearly, he did not take your yelling seriously. 🙂

    • Well, when I went down in the basement he was hiding in the dryer! I have still not totally forgiven him.

      • Cats are such contrary creatures! Better hide the next round of figures lest Kitty Bob find them again. 🙂

  14. Hilarious! I’m guessing Kitty Bob knows that deep down, you’ll end up forgiving him in the end and so is amusing himself by testing your boundaries.

    • My boundaries are very tested when he pees on things — I do not understand it – better get the catnip out.

  15. I’m sure Kitty Bob will learn his lesson, naughty boy!

    • I am not so sure – that cat rules the roost around here. The rest of the family just voices sympathy to my plight but they love that cat like crazy.

  16. I think he probably thought he was helping you with your filing. I should think he’s feeling very un-appreciated.
    My cat would rip the papers I was working on I know she thought this was very useful to me….

    • Hey, I know I don’t like bookwork, but unfortunately Kitty Bob’s solution was not a good one. He also climbs on my keyboard to get my atttention–but has not ripped anything yet — we must give our cats a good talking to….

  17. Kitty Bob should be very grateful indeed! I wonder if he and our Lurch could be long lost brothers. Naughty kitties unite. There might be a plot…

  18. heh-heh … how terribly restrained you are Louann! 🙂

    • not that I wanted to be! ha ha (I am laughing but not really feeling the funny yet)

  19. I nominated you for Addictive Blog Award.

    • It is an honour -thank you so much — I find your blog addictive too!

      • Thanks !

  20. Hi,
    Letting you know that I have nominated you for the ‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. If you choose to participate, rules are here:
    Kind Regards,

    • love the name of the award – thank you so much – am truly honoured Daniela!

  21. I always knew cats were smart! LOL Reading between the lines I think Kitty Bob really is one of your beautiful things. 😉

  22. I love this post! Thank you for giving me a good laugh! 🙂

  23. OK, LouAnn, this is funny! I mean, OK, Kitty Bob you are a very good cat and you have a very good female mistress who can sure co-write an interesting gratitude story.

  24. I suspect Bob used one of his nine lives! It’s the time for writing about pets and their shenanigans it seems…at least several blogs I’ve read today are about the compassion of humans! 😀

  25. Pooor Bob! Hope he learns 🙂 My new cat (got her this year) loves to chew on things – like the 3 new geneology albums I bought. She chewed the corners of each one! The floor lamp shade has punctures in half-way around it! Ain’t life grand :rol:

    • I feel your pain – I have had to throw out a lot of things that the cat personalized.

  26. Great post!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated!

  27. Lol poor Kitty – When you gotta go – you just gotta go!
    If it’s any consolation my pooch pooped in my car the other day 😦
    That was fun to clean up!!

  28. You have made me laugh so much lately. This post is hilarious, maybe because I have dealt with cats that pee in the wrong places.
    We once accidentally buried a cat in a cistern we were filling in. It was a cat I hated (because it peed on my throw rugs all the time). I was the only one that saw the cat in the hole…. I had to think long and hard before I finally gave in and told my husband to dig it back up. I just kept thinking of that cat in “Pet Cemetery”.

  29. Aahhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Bad Kitty Bob! But very good Mistress for having such self control!

    • read my replay to Browsing the Atlas and you will be even more proud of me – or actually think I need my head examined – thanks for your comment

  30. Funny. My cat looks just like your cat, and she owes me lots of gratefulness for not putting her in a bag tied with twine. She didn’t pee on papers. She peed on the couch.

    • Mine has peed on two couches, a few chairs, some of my clothes, my newspaper work, several mattresses – yet still he lives and is coddled and is king of the castle–so who is stupid here –not the cat

  31. Oh he’s very lucky indeed!!

    • he is lucky the three males in the family love him and that I love them

      • It sounds like it!

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