Comforts ~ Day 3 or Reality Bites


pizza (Photo credit: Mickipedia)

It should not be so hard this early in my 18 day challenge (it is only Day 3) to come up with three things I am grateful for. And it is not. But it is hard to come up with three clever things I am grateful for. So today I am grateful for:

1. John, my husband of 30 years

2. Adam my eldest son, who is 26

3. Tyler, my youngest, who is 21

It is not hard to be grateful for these guys except that they all drive me just a little bit crazy—each in their own unique way. But I love them even when they drive me crazy. I think this is called unconditional love.

It is easy to love people when they are being kind and thoughtful and loving. It is a little bit harder when they are not being kind and thoughtful and loving. I am grateful for these three when they are being wonderful, and even when they are not.  They have taught me what a family is all about—and for that I am truly grateful. I cannot imagine my life without them—even if they cannot find things that are directly in front of them (or a little bit off to the left: read on).

There is a commercial on TV that some people have panned, calling the kids incredibly stupid because they call their mother on the phone and say that they are starving and cannot find anything to eat. The mother responds that yes they can find something— and tells them to just turn their heads to the left and they will find these little frozen pizza packets that will make their lives complete for the moment.

Somehow Mom knew that they had their heads in the freezer, and that they could not find the snack without her help. Some people think this commercial is unrealistic. I am here to tell you that it is not. It is as real as real can be. None of the three people mentioned above (whom I truly am eternally grateful for) can find anything in my house (except of course my hidden cupcakes—but that is another story).

If I want to confuse the men in my family, I merely have to hang their clothes in their closets. When I do that, it is as if their clothes are gone forever. Seriously, I am not kidding. I could go on and on, and give example after example, but they are keepers for far more reasons than they are irritating. And for that, I am most grateful.

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  1. I know that commercial. I agree that it is not unrealistic. Heck, I go through this with my husband. “Okay, look down, now to the right, and behind the pickles.”

  2. Aren’t ‘children’ regardless of their ages wonderful and that’s why we do have ‘unconditional’ love..Diane

  3. Such a nice post. Made me a little melancholy. My sons were once 26 and 21. In a blink they are now 35 and 30. Time marches on!!!!
    It’s those non-clever entries that carry the biggest weight on your gratitude list. All good….. even when they can’t remember where to find the whatever. 🙂

    • so true on both counts — gratitude does not have to be clever
      you know our sons get older, but do you notice that we stay the same

  4. My sister has this problem too. She never sees what’s right in front of her and it drives both my mom and I nuts. Nevertheless, I’m still grateful for family. Clever or not, it’s always good to be grateful for things that too many people take for granted. 🙂

  5. I haven’t seen that commercial but it is so true – argh.

  6. LOL “If I want to confuse the men in my family, I merely have to hang their clothes in their closets.”
    Sounds about right for here too – put anything in its place & watch everyone look lost for finding anything.

  7. Why is it we are the designated “finders”? I guess we have an internal GPS. Funny post Lou.

  8. So true. Husband, in a panic: “Where are my shoes!?” Me: “I put them away.” Husband: “What would you do something like that for?” Hahaha!!

    • I always say, well the last time I wore them….
      at least your husband is honest – they do not realize we do not want to spend our lives tripping over their shoes

  9. I remind them to zone in on the exact spot where I said it is, “because if I have to get out of this chair to find it for you, I’m gonna be REALLY mad.”

  10. Oh! So true! lol

  11. My husband once couldn’t find the large bright yellow mustard jar that was in the front middle of the top shelf of the fridge – literally an inch from his nose. I’ve had to gently remind him many times that socks can be found in his drawer. Fortunately the offspring are female. I’m not sure I’d have the patience for three males. I admire yours.

    • I know, their hand can actually be on the something they are looking for and you point it out, and they say, ohh, in surprise, as if something magical happened– I think it becomes a habit–and it is progressive in my family – the youngest can find some things!

  12. The men in your life reminds me of my oldest grandson who is now living with me. He is 24 years old but you couldn’t tell it from the looks of his room. It looks like a hurricane ran through it. How he can find anything in it I’ll never know. I try to keep the door closed. But Lords knows, I’m so very grateful for him.

  13. I have a closed door policy at my house too—but we love them anyway.

  14. LOL … but you must also find comfort in pizza. 🙂

  15. And in that commercial, the kid closes the freezer door with his cell phone inside…typical! Thanks for the giggle…I am surrounded by testosterone at home as well! 🙂

    • So you know what it is like. I forgot about the cell phone–but so true to form isn’t it?
      We should talk someday about our lives surrounded by males………

  16. I love that post! Why don’t even the best of husbands know where things are?!

    I have three organised daughters and one wonderful son who is becoming more organised as the years go by but we always said he was born without his time-chip!

    Much love to you and I hope I am helping towards your goal! And genuinely, I might add! Much love to you and yours 🙂

    I so love this blogging sisterhood! 🙂

    • thank you for helping me achieve my goal – I have no idea why men (even the best) cannot seem to find things
      I worked in a law office in my youth and one of the lawyers who was a successful litigator was the most disorganized person on earth–files all over the place–I was the designated finder at the office

  17. My mom and I were the only women in a house of 6 – it’s amazing how long guys can search for something directly in front of their face 😛

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