Comforts ~ Post 2 or “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”


Scream (Photo credit: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK)

Being thankful is a good thing—but it can also be maudlin. Now there is nothing wrong with maudlin—it serves its purpose when it is not defined as syrupy and overemotional or sappy and saccharine (which reminds me, I have to get my diabetic husband more sweetener). Okay, so maudlin is not the best thing to be. In order to combat it, today I am going to be grateful for things that cannot be defined as maudlin.

1. I am grateful that I have big ants infesting my kitchen rather than little ones. I am so grateful for them that I have taken to naming them. Yesterday, my eldest son killed Frank by mistake. The funeral is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.

2. I am grateful for the goofy pictures of my kids that I get to look at over my laptop. No silly smiles on their faces. The picture of Adam says to me:  “Get this over with, I have places to go, people to see” and the one of Tyler shows him with his mouth open somewhat like that famous painting “The Scream”.

3. I am grateful that I have one rum raspberry cooler left in the fridge, awaiting me when I come home tonight after covering a municipal council meeting which will be long, but inevitably give me a chance to doodle to my heart’s content when they discuss drainage and sewage issues.

Just because I am not being maudlin in this post does not guarantee that I will not be sappy and mawkish in a future gratitude post ~ so enjoy today if you don’t like the overly sentimental.

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  1. How was that raspberry cooler? Lol

  2. forgot to have it – was too tired when I got home–but it is still in the fridge, waiting for your famous line: it is five o’clock somewhere–it is just nice to know it is there even if I did not get to imbibe

  3. Oh I so understand this post – you are so great!

    • do you prefer large ants over small too? are you coming to the funeral–if so could you bring some egg salad sandwiches and pickles?

  4. Love it.
    I am sorry for the loss of Frank. My guess is that there are others there to take his place.

  5. I mourn the loss with deep sorrow ….. 😦

    • are you coming to the funeral Frank — if you do, can you pick up the hotogs and buns on the way–I have mustard and onions

  6. Poor Frank – LOL

    • If you are coming to the funeral, could you bring some tuna sandwiches and carrot sticks?

  7. OH, my! ? FRANK? Why him? 😦

    • he didn’t see it coming–and I am sure he felt no pain — if you would like to come to the funeral–could you bring the punch for the litte memorial afterwads

  8. I am grateful for point 1. and 3. will be bringing Arbor Mist exotic fruits and Arbor Mist white pear (only because I discovered these do not give me migraines, a dangerous discovery) and coleslaw to the funeral for Frank, may also bring one of his smaller cousins that wanders my deck and over my toe occasionally thinking he is brave but will bring him back home. He likes to ride shotgun in the car and sing road trip songs 🙂 thanks for making my day.

    • lol – you will make a great addition to the funeral -love you sense of humour – did you name your ant?

      • Guido, he’s of Italian decent ; )

      • ha ha ha – my Frank was Italian too –

  9. I love it. Your Post. Funny and fun and yet with some valid things to say that we should all heed, thank you louann!

  10. Lou Ann, this was so funny. Good luck in that meeting. I hope you’ll post some of those inspired doodles. You can raise your rum raspberry cooler in honor and remembrance of Frank tonight.

    • I was too tired for my cooler when I got home–so I will have to drink a cheer to Frank tonight
      could you bring dip for the chips when you come to the funeral?

  11. My condolences on Frank. He was one of the good ones.

    I would enjoy photos like the ones of your son. Anyone can smile, but silly expressions really tell more.

    • yes they do-my kids are originals – but aren’t everyone’s
      – if you can make it to the funeral I would appreciate it if you would bring some potato chips

  12. RIP Frank. He was sacrificed so that you could make us smile.

  13. I like your list of gratefuls. Especially the rum raspberry cooler awaiting. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the smile. Love the humor!

  15. what a fun list! gotta make one of my own.

  16. Poor Frank. Fortunately you still have his brothers and sisters to entertain you.

    • and his aunts and uncles and cousins and nephews and nieces…………….

      • All 1 million of them!

  17. Not sure I’d be quite so thankful for the ants but the rum cooler I get completely.

    • I have had millions of those little ants before, now I just have hundreds of the big ones — it is all in your warped persepctive (lol)

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