Evils of Procrastination

“….the one greatest cause of failure is procrastination. Through waste of time:


Procrastination. (Photo credit: Tysh)

Duties go unperformed.

Important decisions are never made.

Opportunites fly by ungrasped.

Engagements go unmet.

Trains are missed.

Life itself slips by unlived.” ~ Robert Collier, The Secret of the Ages,written in 1925, p. 343

Okay, so then we are just going to have to put procrastination in its rightful place and perform our duties, make decisions, grasp opportunties, meet our engagements, catch our trains, and most importantly ~ live our lives and not let it slip out of our grasp.

My ongoing and eternal resolution for my new year {which starts in September} is to give procrastination the old heave-ho. Because I am so determined, I am going to start now, August 12, 2012. And just to prove it to you, I am going to go and wash my hair now, since it is a day or two past expiration. (Hey, you have to start somewhere!)

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  1. I’m with you! I’ve already washed my hair today!

    • You are ahead of me–I am just about to leave this chair and do it. I do not know why I hate washing my hair so much.

      • I hear you. I have too much of it, for one thing. I wash it every other day. But I only allow myself to wash it AFTER I have exercised (a little trick to get me to do that resolution!)

      • smart girl – I have long hair too, and it needs “styling” or I look like Bozo
        I put off exercising this morning to “geterdone”

  2. Your post struck a serious chord in me. I look around at myself and my friends and I can’t believe we are as old as we are. Time goes by SO fast and every year seems faster. And life is unpredictable …. so for me, I feel that procrastination means ‘do it NOW’ because NOW is all we have. 🙂

  3. Washed my hair last night! LOL

    This is a good reminder for us all. I remember a bit of advice I received once and it works for me–I do what I want to do the least first, then the other stuff seems like a piece of cake. Then, when I sit on my butt and do nothing, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it because I’ve done ‘the chores’ and am on free time. Just get it done so you can play! 🙂 Maybe I’m weird but I like crossing stuff off my list–DONE! If we have too many obligations, it’s time to weed them out to what’s important. Time is such a gift and the other poster is right–today is all we have.

    • I think you have a good balance there between getting your chores done and sitting on your butt–both are important–and I like to make a list of things I have already done so I can cross them off–the satisfaction is still there! lol

  4. Good luck and Shana Tova.

  5. I had that same resolution. I just never got around to fulfilling it.

    On the other hand, today I’ve already washed my hair, picked 3 buckets of garden veg, am roasting some tomatoes, have had coffee with the inlaws and have the dishwasher running. Next we are off to my moms for a birthday lunch, then this afternoon we will be freezing peaches and peppers. That should be enough for the whole week, I hope.

    I am still procrastinating on laundry and cleaning. But it’s my birthday. I’ll do it. Some other day. Maybe. I’ve been known to leave the laundry until I have to wear boxers from my husbands drawer, out of desperation.

    • Happy Birthday happy birthday happy birthday — you seem to be doing enough for the whole year in one day–the laundry bit is funny –at my house if I don’t do laundry the complaining never ends
      It always starts with “I know you shouldn’t be responsible for ……….. and then it begins–I find it ironic that the most educated person in this house is the one who has to be domestic –I seem to be complaining a lot here – am not having a good day–but you have a good day and Happy Birthday again!

      • Thank you! My day has already involved cheese and bacon, very shortly will involve birthday cake, so it will be a good one. Hope yours improves.

      • I will live vicariously through you today — a day with cheese and bacon and birthday cake is a good day!

  6. Right on, sister. Baby steps. I am a champion procrastinator too. Pretty much every day I start out saying, “Okay, TODAY I’m going to do all that stuff on my list.” And it doesn’t happen.

    • I am not really sure I want to give up procrastinating–after all it is the one thing I do really well –as you say, baby steps (as we speak I am letting my hair dry naturally–so I did fulfill my obligation to wash my hair) lol

  7. I struggle with procrastination too….lists, lists and more lists, helps me feel I have a handle on my life when I can cross off all the items with a bright pink pen.

    • ah, bright pink pen! the devil is in the details! (I don’t know what this means — I think my brain is being taken over by a demon–I swear I did not sell my soul)

  8. A great reminder – Thanks!
    Procrastination sure does take up a lot of time…

  9. Since I washed mine already I guess it’s time to wash my dogs, especially since she spent most of her time deticking them! 😦

    • …especially since my sister-in-law …..

  10. I’m procrastinating making a comment here so I will come back and do it later.

  11. Time goes by fast enough without that evil bear of a creature procrastination getting in the way and mucking things up. I hope you are enjoying your freshly washed locks.

    • I am — they are so bouncy and not weighed down by a ton of hairspray
      I love your description of procrastination — it is so apt

  12. I’m a procrastinator too.. Oi vey!!!

    • sounds like we have something very in common –I did get my hair washed btw

  13. My middle name is Procrastination 😦 but my biggest downfall is momentum – I start to often, I do well even, congratulate myself, enjoy it but it only takes the tiniest hiccup to slow my momentum and I’m almost back to square one again! Here’s to clean hair and a clean slate. Onward, onward, onward!

    • Ooops…that should have been so often!

      • I like your attitude –I know the smallest thing can throw me off too–I have come to the conclusion that the stars are not going to align just right — so I will just have to struggle–I am with you–onward and upward

  14. and i’m with the two of you. i can spend more time sitting thinking about what needs to be done than it would take to complete the task. I am easily distracted by anything at all when i am in procrastination mode. “look there goes a pretty bird”. i would like to know what its like to not have the nervous stomach as the procrastinating reaches crisis level and sometimes i will tire of that feeling and not procrastinate for a bit, feel proud and in control but darn, there goes that pretty bird again…

  15. Great idea…give procrastination the boot. I hope you will have a happy N.Y. and beyond.

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  17. I’ve always loved the sign, “Thank God for last minutes elst I’d get nothing done!”

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