Awards Galore! O Happy Day ~ Or If This Doesn’t Spur Me On~I Don’t Know What Will!


award_beautiful-blogger-award_2010 (Photo credit: Chingster23)

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award (Photo credit: nhighberg)


liebster-award (Photo credit: SurvivalWoman)

I have come to the conclusion that I am versatile, beautiful, illuminating, lovely, addictive, inspiring, sunny and appreciated. How did I come to this conclusion?

Fellow bloggers in their generosity have honoured me with The Versatile Blogger Award, the Beautiful Blogger Award, the Illuminating Blogger Award, The Liebster Award (before I had over 200 followers), The Addictive Blog Award, One Lovely Blog Award, the Very Inspiring Blog Award, the Reader Appreciate Blog Award and the Commenter Blog Award!

My head has swollen to such an extent that I can no longer get through the doorways of my house, and have had to hire carpenters to take out the front double window of my abode so I can get outside for some fresh air! Seriously, who would have thought? What a wonderful blogging community I have become a part of—and how generous, sweet, and kind all those who bestowed these awards are.

I have felt extremely guilty for not publicly acknowledging these awards—I have tried to privately express how honoured I was to receive each award and hope I have not missed anyone. Due to a number of factors, I will not be posting any of the awards on my blog because I am too stupid it is just a decision I have come to, somewhat reluctantly. (The awards pictured here are from the WordPress Gallery–it was easy to pop them in–I am all about easy when it comes to pictures and images.)

All I can say is a heartfelt—thank you, thank you, thank you for being accepted and encompassed into this lovely, beautiful, illuminating, versatile (you get my drift) community.

So without further ado—I present you with my individual thanks:

Versatile Blogger Award: thank you to (also gave me the Addictive Blogger Award) (Vikki)

Beautiful Blogger Award: thank you to

Illuminating Blogger Award: thank you to: (sandy and denise) (Brigitte obviously)

One Lovely Blogger Award: thank you to:  (Lillian said I could have this or the Sunshine Award– I am greedy so I will take both)

The Liebster Award: thanks to:

Commenter’s  Award: thanks to:

Readers’ Appreciation Award:  thanks to:

Very Inspiring Blogger: thanks to:

I tried to keep good track of all these wonderful awards. If I made a mistake with your name or blog address, I am sincerely sorry—this is hard work putting all this together, and blog savvy I am not yet—though I hope to become more so in the future.

I am coming up to my one year anniversary, and I have to say I am overwhelmed by the response I have received. Thank you everyone! (I am dancing a little victory dance here—but it is good you cannot see it—I am rather awkward.)

I will no longer be accepting awards—as thrilled as I am to receive them.  So thank you all – you have given me a great boost to continue blogging and hopefully continue to deserve to be part of your world. I cannot stress enough how happy these make me—but my organizational abilities are such that I cannot be held responsible for saying the proper thanks.

P.S. If I have forgotten anyone or made any glaring errors, I would be happy to include you or correct the error!

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  1. Congrats to you!! ❤

  2. Lou Ann, you deserve them all and congrats. They are a lot of work though, aren’t they? I love it myself, but anymore I just give ’em away and don’t put pressure on anyone to do anything. They’re mainly about recognition and someone telling you you’re good at what you do. And you’re welcome.

    • I do not think I did true justice to these awards – but it is the best I can do right now–thanks for saying I deserve them – I don’t know about that but it is certainly wonderful recognition!

  3. congrats – i am soooo thrilled for you!!! xo

    • I bet you had no idea what you started when you helped me create this blog. Btw do you like the new look–I loved the old one, but the font kept getting smaller and smaller and I did not know how to get it back to its original size so I changed venues.

      • I love the new look. I sent you an email, respond when you get a chance please. You are inspiring me to get back into blogging or finshing what i started 😉

  4. Congratulations big time…how wonderful for you to receive all that affirmation of your writing…Diane

    • thank you – and thank you for being one of my awarders (is there such a word?)

      • There is now lol and you’re welcome…Diane 😉

  5. Way to go Lou. Amazing where things lead. Keep on writing friend.

  6. I too am woefully behind on acknowledging awards. Argh!

  7. Wow, that’s some list of awards! Congratulations!!!!! 🙂


  8. Congrats!! That is one real long list there!! 🙂

  9. Congrats to you! I completely understand your decision about the future as well. I’m right behind you on that. They are a lot of work, and I even hesitate to pass them along for that reason. I don’t want to burden anyone. I DOUBLY applaud you! 🙂

    • You know they are not a burden, they are an honour–but you are right–I let mine get out-of-hand. Thank you for thinking of me though 🙂

  10. Congrats on all the awards and your upcoming anniversary!

    • you know I hope this did not come off as bragging as I am getting a lot of “congrats on all the awards” comments – I have noticed many other bloggers getting these awards – they just get to them faster–that is why I am not going to accept them except to tell the awarder that I am honoured in the future.
      this comment is not directed at you at all–just I hope this is not coming off incorrectly –I just wanted to say thanks.

      • Not at all! It’s so great to be recognized in this community and to share appreciation of others. Cheers to you!

      • thanks – I feel better now 🙂

  11. Bravo!

  12. Lovely news, and well done for getting such recognition! Brilliant news from a brilliant blog!

    • thanks so much – but the well done is for finally recognizing the bloggers who recognized me.

  13. Congrats on al of your awards! 🙂

  14. Wow, the only thing left really, is the Order of Canada. Just goes to show you that we all like what we read here.

    • I love your sense of humour–althought the Order of Canada would be a good thing–a lovely medal to go with my little black cocktail dress would be the piece de resistance (pardon my French – though I do have a French last name the last time someone spoke French in my family was probably 300 years ago). Getting me out of jeans would be a miracle but I would do it for the Order of Canada–and I just love our Governor General–hopefully he would be the one to bestow it, if not the PM would do–quite a run-on sentence I have here. Anyway-thanks for the compliment!

  15. Congratulations on all of your awards!! 🙂

  16. Congratulations on all these awards! You most certainly deserved all of them and don’t feel bad about not “following the rules.” It really does take a lot of time to do one awards post, let alone more than one. Just know that people like your blog and want to recognize you for it so obviously you’re more than welcome to bask in the glory. 😀

    • Thank you – I know I did not follow the rules and have not yet got it down how to put the blog name in so people can link up – but in my own lame way I wanted everyone (you included) to know how honoured I am. Basking is good, but I am a bit embarassed about not doing it sooner and correctly.

  17. Would you like me to send you the Hot Potato Award as well?

    • I would be honoured – but it will be the last award I am going to accept, because the rules are too much for this feeble mind –I remember when you enacted the Award and I believe it does not expect the recipient to do much,

      • Haha – yeah, you just accept it!

      • You are a woman after my own heart (boy I have grown up, used to say girl)

  18. Well done and congrats on all the awards Louann … Nice way to acknowledge them 🙂

    • Thank you – I thought I might be doing a blogger faux pas by not doing the whole thing well enough – but I guess we each have to handle it in our own way – appreciate your encouragement

  19. Congratulations!!

  20. Well done LouAnn…you are beautifully versatile and wonderfully awarded.

  21. Congrats on all of your awards Lou Ann, you are well deserving.

  22. congratulations, well deserved, enjoy it! being proud and happy with something does not mean you have a swelled head. you’re entitled to be pleased, my blogging friend.

  23. Congratulations,you are well deserving!
    All the best!

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