Tuesday Haikuish Or Thank God It Is Over


a hard day ends well

I did not see it coming

glad to see it go

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  1. Witty…I hope Wednesday is “happy to see it coming”

    • oh jeeze – me too — you can only have one of these days every once in a while or you would have no hair left — this was definitely a tear your hair out by the roots day (but I did not actually do it)

  2. Sorry to hear about your day – but at least it’s nearly over. Here’s hoping Wednesday starts and ends much better.

  3. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Sorry today was a bad one.

  4. I kept thinking it was Thursday – UGH!

  5. I was going to look up haikuish then realized what it was –
    Yes, I just read your haikuish Sunday and I was right. Your haiku are great – but you are such a good writer, if you haiku too much I’ll think you are trying to get out of work! 😆 being that you are a tried and true, authentic writer!

    • that is all I could do today – it really was a bad day–but thanks so much for the encouragement – it came at exactly the right time 🙂

  6. amen…i had the same day….thanks for putting it in perspective!

    • this too shall pass – unfortunately some things do not pass quickly enough

  7. My thoughts exactly. Here’s to hoping we have a better Wednesday!

    • Here is to both of us having a better day today – if not we will have a glass or two at five (and as my sis says – it is five o’clock somewhere)- Cheers to Wednesday

  8. …. and the next day will be a better one!

    • it better be–do not want a replay – thanks for your thought- Heidi from lightlycrunchy has tagged me and wants me to write about “hope”–I think this is highly coincidental and helpful

  9. There are no words needed 🙂

  10. Oh, you can SO laugh at me–I’m snorting as I type this! I read the title, and was thinking it was maybe some Jewish holiday I wasn’t familiar with–apologies to all fine Jewish readers!! You’re so right that we can only manage one of these days in “awhile”–my hair is evidently thinner than it was just 2 years ago. Oh mercy! I love the haiku–regardless of what faith it is!

    • that is funny – glad I could make you laugh — my once very thick hair is thinner too because of days like that

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