The Quote That Will Go Down In Infamy

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English: Logo from the NBC television program Chuck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


~ Chuck from Rochester, New York: 1974-1975

It is Friday. At the wise age I have attained, the joyous hue and outcry of “We are not here for a long time; we are here for a good time” has changed its status. When first declared by Chuck, a friend and fellow communications student at university over three and half decades ago—these words meant : “let the party begin”.  Classes for the week were over and we had a weekend of dancing, partying, imbibing, and general hail fellow fun ahead of us.

Regis Philbin is famous for talking about his glory days at university even now in his eighth decade. I understand. I loved the years I spent at university. Sure there were exams and a million papers to write and studying to be done, but it was also my first taste of freedom. I had to account for my own wins and losses, my own victories and mistakes.

Today, as there seems to be fewer years in front of me than behind, these words should be taken more seriously ~~because it is true: we are not here for a long time. I think I will start letting the good times roll…..again.


1. hue can be spelled hew

2. Chuck may not have originated this saying, but so what?

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  1. I like the underlying wisdom in the quote! You have an interesting blog here.
    Cheers 🙂

    • thank you

    • The college experience truly is something that one should cherish. Those that are fortunate enough to go should hopefully make the very most of it! Great post.

      • I agree – although I was still paying off student loans until I was 40–it was worth every penny

  2. I love university so much that I did a second degree and am starting a masters in September. Mind you, these latest two are by distance learning so not really getting into the student mindset but I am a parent now and partying too hard has evil repercussions the next day! Love the sentiments in this post – too damn right!

    • I knew there were others out there like me – partying hardy is no longer in the cards for me as the last time I had a “next day” it taught me a lesson.
      I took my masters too – finished all the courses but not the thesis – so my advice to you– find a thesis you like and finish it (maybe it is different today and my advice is old)

  3. If I could go to school all the time, I would. I love the atmosphere, the books, the smell, the instructors, all of it.

    And I’m with you, Lou Ann. It IS Friday — red or white? :).

  4. white – red stains and does funny things to my head

    I stayed in school until I was 27 and would still be there if I could

  5. School was good times. Just thinking about it makes me want to go to back.

  6. Great post. Things I recall fondly or not are the morning after the night before and not being sure it was the morning after the night before. And discovering to my dismay that I had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in my friends “special” brownies, who knew you could even be allergic to it? Life can be unfair. But I do have some very fun memories too, as Chuck (I’m happy to give him credit) so wisely put it. A famous sci-fi Author, Robert Heinlein, wrote “Life is short, live wide!” I like that one too. Keep smiling! 🙂

  7. I like that one too —
    – so do you ask now before you imbibe in brownies?

  8. Ahhhh, university…… Remember the dives we loved so dearly and now we would not step foot in….good memories nonetheless.

  9. Good idea!

  10. I’m with Chuck, ““WE ARE NOT HERE FOR A LONG TIME; WE ARE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME!” Life is short and gets shorter by the day. We should celebrate each day the best way we can. No more excuses. Great post!

  11. Wise words indeed.. I hope Chuck lives a good life..:-)

  12. I love that quot. It is very noteable and worthI me shaping the rest of my life after it.. My college days were very special, but I didn’t know just how special they were back then.

  13. Hew? Who knew? 🙂
    I miss my college days, such good times, good friends, and I truly loved learning. I was lucky enough to get to work in a Phycology lab (study of algae) and the DNA sequencing lab doing research on alternative fuels. My brain was always at full whir and the sun was always out (I went to Arizona State University). Now those times seem so far away and they are as I have proof that my student loans have been paid off. Time just keeps going until eventually it is just gone.

    • it does – hence the reason we should be enjoying the good times that come our way–which are sometimes few and far between–so we have to make some good times

  14. Thank you for the fun post!

  15. I often think how different my life would have been if I hadn’t gone. I would have been stunted intellectually. I learned so much about myself, healed so many broken parts of me, fell in love with a place and a person, fell in love with a discipline, found professors who mentored me and had faith in my abilities.

    College made me want to continue to be a teacher myself.

    And so I did.

    Twenty years this year.

    Crazy, right?

    • crazy, as they say, like a fox
      It opened whole new worlds to me and taught me how to think

  16. “Here For A Good Time” by Trooper was one of my all-time favourites along with “Raise A Little Hell”. In my party hardy days, I think I did both until they became synonymous. Then I quit.

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t going to university at the time as it would have been a total waste of money.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t yet completed a degree and have doubts that it’s even achievable at this point and state of my life (I’ll be 25 days away from sixty in three years). My oh my, where does the time go?

    My definition of “good time” has changed over the years. Now, I just want to enjoy every moment of the day no matter what comes my way. Some days it’s a challenge.

    Thanks for the memory, LouAnn. (I listened to the Trooper track on Youtube.) 🙂

    • Cannot remember Here for A Good Time, but oh, I remember Raise A Little Hell – loved it, love it still.
      The balance of partying and learning is a really delicate one — sometime one won over the other, sometimes the other won
      My definition of a good time mirrors yours- and yes some days it is a super challenge!

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