Almost Lost

The world's toughest fighting man. Yet, deep i...

The world’s toughest fighting man. Yet, deep inside he is just a lonely, homesick kid, praying for letters from home. – NARA – 535228 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was stack of letters in the box, almost missed.

Tied  with plain brown string,

these letters held words of love

words of passion and hope for the future~

Homesick words beautifully written from a loved one

far away in miles, close in comfort.

At the bottom of this precious pile

was a terse tear-stained military note

to the loved one’s mother

Saved by the girl he left behind:

“We regret to inform you….”


Love lost but remembered forever.

(Sometimes I try my hand at poetry: tell me what you think ~ LouAnn)

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  1. I love it especially since I am dealing with such letters from my dad to my mom on my blog. The poem is wonderful!

  2. This is beautiful – nicely understated and effective – really moving.

  3. I think the sign of really good poetry is when someone who hasn’t had the experience, relates to it and feels deeply and it did that.

  4. I think we’re on a similar blog plane today…
    Sad – but – nice poem.

  5. Love the line, “far away in miles, close in comfort”. You should continue writing poetry.

    • thank you Peg — you are my best fan –so what if you also happen to be my sister?

  6. It’s beautiful ! So now you know you can indeed write poetry..Diane

    • thanks Diane – I dabble in poetry but do not have much confidence in my ability – appreciate your comment

  7. It wonderful! The poem really engaged me. You definitely have a hand for poetry.

  8. Very evocative and sad – I liked it too. We have a letter like that, squirreled away in a trunk.

  9. Very real, thus very well done.

    • thank you so much – this is a fragment from a much longer poem that I edited to make a poem to stand on its own

  10. A very touching post. I can totally relate how it feels to be away from home. Our soldiers need our prayers each day, for their safety and for giving them a strong heart to overcome the intense loneliness. Beautiful post.

    • They do need all the support we can give them –in any way we can give it to them.

  11. Beautiful – and elegantly put. I could feel the pain of the loved one left behind…Blessings ~ Patty

  12. Your poetry is beautiful…and I can’t imagine getting this message. My husband’s grandparents received this terse regret.

    • It is unimaginable – I remember my mom telling me about going into town when she was a teenager and finding a list posted in the post office of lost soldiers — I just cannot imagine that this was a reality for so many

  13. I like the fact that the letters were saved…memories forever.

  14. I love the message and the mode you used to convey it! Thank you, LouAnn!

  15. The structure is great and I really like the plotline! Endings are important to me and you ended it on a really touching note.

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