Onward and Upward~Or At Least Onward

English: Southern Upland Way Onward and upward

English: Southern Upland Way Onward and upward (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am out of the 200 word a day groove and at a loss for a new challenge, so I shall return to one of my original challenges, and give you a few more dribs and drabs from The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters.

I am no longer going to synopsize the weeks (she breaks the book down into 52 weeks with 7 “lessons” a week), but instead I will  find  a kernel of wisdom to share from each of the 52 weeks.  Without further ado, my first kernel of wisdom:

“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” ~ Jules Renard

This gem of a quotation fits me to a ‘T’. So many times I have been in a group and someone will say “Let’s go around the circle and have everyone tell us their plans for Christmas” or “let’s share what we plan to do for the rest of our lives” or “why don’t we all give a short dissertation on world peace.”

I am exaggerating a bit here to make a point. But whenever I hear one of these “let’s share” proposals, I want to skulk out of the room until everyone is done sharing. I sit nervously awaiting my turn—trying to form some thoughts that will sound interesting, or at least not insane. Many times I will fluff off my turn, and say “ditto” to what the person before me has said, even though I will not be taking a ski vacation, building a boat, or saving the world, one African country at a time.

I seem to be able to express myself so much better in the written word than the spoken. And because I am not fleet of foot when it comes to speaking, I get interrupted a lot and never really seem to finish a thought.

As a columnist for a small town paper, I come across as friendly and approachable, and sometimes witty (or witless—whichever you prefer), but when people stop me in the grocery store thinking that I have the same persona as my writing style, I often think they are disappointed, and walk away thinking that I am not quite who they thought I would be.

When you write, there is no fear of interruption, or saying something stupid off the top of your head. If you make a fool of yourself in writing, at least it has been spell checked!

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  1. As a rather shy person I agree and like your thinking!

    • So you prefer writing to speaking too?

      • To share ideas yes! I never feel that I think quick enough to have intelligent conversations.

  2. Absolutely… I have been there and done that. When I retired a year ago, I had this fabulous speech which I had practiced over and over in my head and in the shower and when it came my turn to speak I just said something like…. “I have no words of wisdom so I will just say thanks”
    Truth is… I had hundreds of words of wisdom to say but just couldn’t speak them! I fretted over that for days afterward, but you know what? At this point It. Doesn’t. Matter!

    • I can so relate – I am so eloquent in my head. You shine through in your writing!

  3. Great posting. I do enjoy who you are thru the read, I have often felt when I read a book that something of the author always shines thru, so it is with you. I find you and your words delightful! 🙂

    • Well thank you very much – my head is so big now I cannot get through the door! (lol)
      I think you are right though – the author does show him/herself through their writing

      • You’re welcome. Make the door bigger! 🙂

      • good plan

      • 🙂

  4. Ditto, I agree with pennycoho……sorry about the pun.

    • ha ha – good one – well she said some pretty nice things–are you sure you agree with her?

      • Absolutely!

  5. So true. I prefer my writer self in many ways also.

    • I think our writer selves may be bolder and more eloquent – speaking for you of course, not me

      • I will take your words generally – as long as they are written.

  6. I can certainly relate to this! Well said. 🙂

  7. I am definitely better on paper. Less awkward. Love this quote. ~Gail

  8. Yup, I agree and relate with this. I am very much one for the written word over the spoken one. I am an awful speller and so was very late at leaping into the social media world for fear of coming across as illiterate. Spell check is a saving grace, now I don’t have to dummy down my words to the level of my spelling. 🙂

    • I was once a good speller (is there such a word) but I too love spell check though he cannot always be trusted
      I love your posts – the written word is a beautiful thing

  9. Those circle sharing moments have been some of the most nerve-wracking in my life. That being said, I’m getting better at not freaking out in every situation that requires public speaking, especially among strangers. But I think most of us who blog enjoy the written word much more than the spoken word. 😉

    • so tell me your secret about how to not freak out other than to excuse yourself and stay in the washroom for much too long and they send a posse to rescue you from some perceived illness? (lol)

      • Oh no, you’ve found out what one of my secrets was! Kidding. 🙂 It sounds overrated but I realized practice really does help. And usually the more I believe in what I’m saying, the more confident and less fear I feel. Boy, I’m really in cliche-land with this one, huh?

      • I am one of those rare people who like cliches. So practice it is – but I probably won’t–the washroom trick sounds easier (lol)

  10. So very true…one can choose words a bit (a lot) more wisely when having the time to rethink what they just wrote…not so with speaking…Diane

  11. Yes – when I speak I inevitably put my foot in it!

  12. I agree with you. Lovely way to put it.

  13. I think this is a true hallmark of the “introverted” personality. So much to say and yet uncomfortable trying to keep up in a group situation. It’s exhausting. Glad we can write and express ourselves more easily. Thanks for sharing.

    • by jove, I think you’ve got something there – so true – in groups I am very comfortable being the listener and throwing in a few quips, but if I have to say more than a sentence, I am drowning

  14. I have a feeling you will find lots of pro-writers here in the blogasphere; you can certainly count me in! Sometimes you just need a moment to find the right (or should I say write) word!

  15. Just added that book to my Amazon wish list 😉


    • It is great and not too expensive. And the cover is really nice — when you “feel” it you will understand – it is kind of velvety.

  16. I’m there with you! I tend to talk more with those I feel most comfortable with but otherwise…”put it in writing!” Nice post!

    • I guess that is why we are writers – we know where our strengths are and are not – thanks for dropping by

  17. Interesting. I write like I talk. When my friend read my novel she said, “It is like having you read a bedtime story to me.”

    • now that is very cool – I kind of write like I talk without the moments of being stumped about what to say

  18. I write a lot better than the way I talk. Thank you for posting this.

  19. Ditto. What you said. I feel the same. I wish I’d thought of your last line.

    There…does that prove that I concur? ME TOO!! 😀

  20. True to that! I also see myself to be more equipped with written than spoken words. Let’s celebrate writing! 🙂

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