Day 25 ~ 200 Words

This is the last entry of my 200 word challenge. I may miss it. I may not.

I Remember When I Was Young

I Remember When I Was Young (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot remember my student number. Little wonder, as it has been over three decades since I last used it. But for years I knew it. It was my student identification at university. Though it was just a number, it was my number.

I seem to have forgotten whole portions of my life. It is like grades two and three did not happen. And it is as if I was never young. Or maybe, truth be told, I never grew up.

I seem to be forgetting more and more things these days. I remember when I was dating my husband 32 years ago, a woman I came into contact with quite frequently could never seem to remember my name. I was insulted at the thought thatΒ  I was not memorable. Now, I am that woman. I am about her age now, and I have forgiven her.

Sometimes we notice things that we attribute to age that perhaps we have done all our lives. Maybe I never really was good at remembering certain things.

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  1. are we forgetting or do we just need a gentle prodding from a scent, or a picture or stranger with a face that is similar to a face we had forgotten? no, it’s probably that we’re getting older and we are just forgetting. a lifetime is a lot of stuff to cram in to the cranium.

    • I agree with you — but scents do bring back memories–usually lovely ones.
      BTW – as I reread this blog for the 50th time – something jogged my memory and I now remember my student number – 732983 – what a relief for some reason.

  2. Congratulations Lou, you did it! 25 entries! If it is any comfort, I cannot remember when I could remember my student number.

    • I did remember though – after writing this and editing it -it came to me – 732983 – yours would have started with 75 cause that is the year you started
      thanks for the congrats – what dog and pony trick will I do next?

  3. Too many things that I didn’t even realize that I’d forgotten.. Like my student number. Until I read this, I’d forgotten that I ever had one. I miss my mind..

  4. All I remember about one of my worse IDs was that it looked like a Most Wanted shot.

    • There was no pic on mine–it was a long time ago – cameras had barely been invented lol

  5. I can so identify with you …my memory for several reasons is so bad and I miss not being able to recall things that my husband readily does. I have some medical issues..add that to getting older and it is one of my frustrations in my life….Diane

    • you know though, I can watch movies over and over and not get bored cause I do not remember seeing them the first time — sorry about your medical issues –that can add insult to injury can’t it (hugs)

      • Ha! do you know how many times I’ve watched the OLD tv series Murder She Wrote…Once in a while after watching one maybe 12 times I do recall some of it …lol…Diane

      • glad I am not the only one – I love that series

  6. Don’t feel too bad about not remembeing the lady’s name. I’m doing that more than I care to admit.

  7. I was going to say something here but I can’t remember !! πŸ˜‰
    Sooo Congrats

  8. The worst is walking in a room and then trying to remember why you walk in there. Not sure this is an age thing or not. I’ve always done that, but sometimes, I’m just kind of spacey. I remember a few little snippets of the my grammar and elementary school. That’s why we have to keep writing and doing thing that challenge our brains! Now, where did I put my keys?

    • I do that– walk in a room thing all the time- drives me a little bit crazy
      I do think that writing helps

  9. you are not a number!

    • good thing – cause I could not remember it

      • We all suffer from CRAFT syndrome. Can’t remember a ******* thing….eventually

  10. Slipping into the confessional, I’m holding my breath that I don’t disappear with the telling…

    Yesterday a.m., I slipped on my most comfortable summer dress – long, flowing, cool, and attractive. I can wear nothing underneath without anyone knowing. It has a semi-tropical pattern that is clear on both sides of the material. I felt elegant.

    After my hour of meditation, out I went to water my baskets, rose bush and tiny garden. I waved to neighbours driving by, on their way to work. As I ate my brekkies, I began to feel even more elevated by the levels of culture my friends wrote about on Face Book. Surely I was in their league.

    Then I looked down and noticed something peculiar about my dress. There was a seam showing – out of place. I looked closer…

    Not only did I have my dress on inside out, I had it on backwards! πŸ˜€

    It’s begun. Damn!

    • that is so funny – I know that feeling of being on top of the world and confident – then something like this inevitably happens – thanks for sharing your pre-senior moment

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