Day 22 ~ 200 Words

The Las Vegas Strip World of Coca-Cola museum ...

The Las Vegas Strip World of Coca-Cola museum in 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was too tired to cook tonight, so we ordered two pizzas and cheesy bread and a bottle of Coke. I am waiting for it to be delivered and suffering buyer’s remorse as we speak. The amount of groceries I could have purchased with the money I am wasting on pizza I suppose is not substantial, but it is not a particularly healthy meal.

I have a weakness for Coca Cola and deny myself this elixir most of the time because I know it is not all that good for me—too much sugar–and I read somewhere that it has some mystery ingredients. But pizza just would not be pizza without a Coke or a beer. And I have no beer here except for some Steam Whistle (my youngest son’s favourite) which I find harsh on my ever so delicate palate.

I was supposed to get groceries today, but by the time I got around to it, a storm that was brewing finally down poured and there was lightning and thunder—okay– so I am making excuses…

In summary: TGIF, or as I read in a nephew’s tweet “Thank Buddha It’s Friday”. In celebration I am going to enjoy my transgressions.

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  1. I like knowing I’m not the only one that transgresses. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. thank you – I feel better now!

  3. Had a Steam whistle beer the other day…I kinda agree with you, Coke is better!

  4. If I’m gonna’ have a cola – it’s gotta’ be D’Coke!

  5. You know what? We all deserve a break from extra work when we are tired and guilt. No, they aren’t healthy choices, but it’s not an every day occurrence, it’s a treat. Everything in moderation, right. Don’t beat yourself up about these little treats, just enjoy them.

  6. You gotta break down sometimes and I love pizza night every once in awhile. Although, I can’t drink Coke or any of those fizzy soft drinks anymore. They taste wayyyy too sweet for me. If Coke can clean a toilet or a car battery, I just can’t drink it. But the pizza — that sounds yummy. 😀

  7. Anymore, I like the idea of Coke more than the Coke itself. I used to have it for breakfast – it was great with bacon and eggs!

  8. Diet Coke for me!

  9. Hi. Friday is just another awesome day for me. Didn’t get to do my grocery shopping either, but I did it today…Saturday. Every so often it is good to give yourself a treat to eat as long as you don’t go overboard.

  10. I’m a Pepsi girl 😉


  11. you deserve a treat from time to time. just because it’s the treat is food doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. coke, not so much, i’m a san pellegrino grapefruit soda fiend myself. puts out the fire of those nasty hot flashes quite nicely.

    • anything grapefruit I love – I just think I am past those stupid hot flashes and I’m not

  12. Sounds like me! 🙂

    • we all have those days and we should enjoy then and not feel too guilty

      • True that 🙂

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