Day 20 ~ 200 Words Or: Getting Desperate

City Hall

City Hall (Photo credit: Will Ellis)

Part of my job at the newspaper I freelance for is attending Municipal Council meetings. On Monday night I had the pleasure of partaking in a bimonthly meeting and the topics du jour were, if not scintillating, a window into what is important to us.

People were upset that their yards were not landscaped after some roadwork had been completed on their streets. Waist high weeds and grass seed that refused to grow were their major complaints. Then the always crucial issue of drainage was addressed ad nauseam—and while I understand that the issue is important, it is during these discussions that I catch up on my doodling. After about 40 minutes of hearing arguments about whose property drains where and why, I have generally produced a number of works of art. It almost goes without saying, that reporting on drainage is not a high priority for me unless a new lake has been produced by an errant engineer.

As much as I complain about attending Council meetings, I do enjoy knowing what is going on in my little corner of the world.

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  1. So are we going to see these works of art?

  2. Hey, practice makes perfect so what better way to brush up on doodling, right? It’s a win-win situation.

  3. I know what you mean by knowing what goes on in your corner of the world…..when Herb was in politics, I knew all goings on at the city, now I am somewhat and sometimes blissfully ignorant of the workings of city hall.

    • the workings affected you more directly than they do me–I report on them, and do not live them like you and Herb did

  4. Oh the things that activate burrs in one’s shorts. I’ve always said that if one has a complaint, find three other people who believe the same way , and then the board/council/etc … will believe the whole team believes that way.

    • you are right – numbers generate instant Council interest–they are voted in after all

      • Nonetheless, cheers to the people who participate … but I’m not of big fan of perpetual squeaky wheels.

  5. Knowing what is going on in my corner of the world is the reason I signed up to be Cody’s kindergarten room mom. I had to be the one to find other parents to help organize parties and donate money for various school projects and then there were meetings (the meetings were small enough that I could have been caught drawing pictures on my notes though.) I did not much care for the position and am not sure I will do it again but it was very nice to know what was going on in the classroom and the school before the majority of others did.

    • I enjoyed being part of the parent council at my kids’ public school–until I became secretary and had to take notes and could not doodle because the principal sat on one side of me and the president of the PTA on the other – but it really made me understand what was going on at school
      I also started the school’s first newsletter–so then I really did know what was going on –

  6. It is a good thing to be involved in community affairs…and it is good to be in the “know”. I’m sure there are some people who wouldn’t know the first thing to do when something happens; for instance a tree falls in the middle of the road…LOL.

  7. In our little corner of the world council meeting minutes and school board meeting minutes make the headlines on a regular basis and seem to repeat ad nauseum….. but they need to be reported so .. thanks for keeping everyone informed! It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!

    • I try to be interesting but sometimes I miss the mark–but I write news stories not minutes — years ago the newspaper I work for just presented the minutes and it was deadly

  8. I used to freelance for our community papaer and was supposed to report on what random citizens (of a small village) were doing, or where they were taking vacation, or whether they’d put a sign in their yard… I couldn’t hack it. I was way too shy and had trouble deciding what merited going into the paper. I started freelancing for another newspaper instead and got to do restaurant reviews! It was heaven.

    • Restaurant reviews – my dream job is to do restaurant, movie and book reviews–so I am super jealous of you. I am shy too so I understand what you are talking about. I am bettter at taking notes than doing interviews but I do what I have to sometimes.

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