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“Between you and me, I think we should get over ourselves already and get on with enjoying our lives while we still have the chance.” ~ Seamus Anthony

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  1. Absolutely! 🙂

  2. I agree 🙂

  3. True that, Lou Ann. Pick yourself by your bootstraps, kick your inner child into gear, right? :). My post was a little funny ha-ha about this very thing, only more whinier. Is whinier a word?

    • It is a word now–and I find whining therapeutic. My bootstraps have broken though, and my inner child is being a pill–so I so have to listen to those wise words.

  4. Something I need to remind myself about occasionally.

    Right now, I am so over myself. Though the kids are bickering, the laundry needs folding, there is dinner to make and I’m not particularly enjoying my day. Perhaps a glass of wine with dinner..

  5. I agree completely.

  6. I’ll drink to that. Speaking of which, time for a glass of wine.

  7. Oh I like that quote..alot!!

  8. Words to live by.

  9. Yes!

  10. Cheers Guys – good to be reminded myself … by myself … to get over myself 🙂 … FYI here’s the original article http://www.rebelzen.com/2009/07/how-to-get-over-yourself-already/

    • so cool to cyber meet you – I got this quote from my nephew who quoted you on his blog – thanks for giving me my quote of the day – as you can see — you are quite popular

      • Cheers LouAnn, obviously your nephew is a legend with his finger on the pulse!

      • He is (lol) – I will have to tell him – I am so glad I was not quoting some old dead guy – that will teach me not to Google my “sources” – I went to your blog and it is really interesting-thanks for commenting

  11. Love this quote!

  12. Ah. So true.

  13. Spoken straight! We have an obligation to do so (imo) if we are healthy, clothed, fed and have a roof over our heads. Great reminder Louann, thanks.

  14. Okay! Me first?! 😀

  15. Love it!

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