Day 17 ~ 200 Words

This is in answer to the Writing Prompt: “If I were suddenly rich….” on page 338, week 48 of “The Writers’ Devotional” by Amy Peters.

English: Plastic Pitcher for Milk Bag

English: Plastic Pitcher for Milk Bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been practicing being rich for a long time so I do not think that it will be a shock to my system. I would keep up the lifestyle I have, but ramp it up a bit. Instead of buying milk in those floppy plastic bags, I would buy it in jugs, even though it is 89 cents more.

This will make life so much easier. No more having to find a pitcher to put the milk in, then dig around  for something to cut it open because there are never any scissors around (I think we have a gremlin that steals them in the night).  No more spilling milk all over my cupboard, me, and the floor, and totally missing my cup of coffee because the plastic bag drooped out over the top of the pitcher.

Then I would go out and buy ten pairs of scissors and hide them, even though I no longer need them to cut open the milk bags. Just because I can.

English: A picture of a milk bag. Taken in 200...

English: A picture of a milk bag. Taken in 2008 in Sarnia, Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. The little things…

  2. I love this!!!

  3. thank you – you sound like you know whereof I speak

  4. Oh, milk bag, how I hate you..

  5. You really dream big!

  6. well, I don’t want to over reach

  7. One can dream!

  8. Somebody should come up with a better solution for milk, maybe that’s how how you’ll become rich….re-invent the milk bag!

  9. What a hoot! How decadent … to want only to buy jugs and ten pairs of scissors ‘Just because I can’ hahahahahahahahaha … Ooh, my sides ache!

    Thank you for this one – so good to see your 200 a day is still going well 🙂

  10. Great post, we don’t have milk bags in the UK, but I can imagine they’re a pain.

    • apparently they do not have them in the U.S. either — wonder why we are so blessed?

  11. This made me laugh! Thank you. Living in the US now, I almost miss those silly milk bags. We can only buy jugs here.

  12. I kind of admire Canada for saving a penny by packaging in little milk bags – but, as you said, what a hassle!

    • It is–but I have noticed the problem more recently–maybe they are not using durable plastic anymore.

  13. we never saw milk like that. great post. funny as always.

  14. How interesting. I never saw a milk bag before.

    • from what I can conclude from the comments I have received, it seems to be a Canadian thing

  15. The milk bag seems like a reason to be thankful for lactose intolerance.

  16. I have never heard of the milk bag but I can imagine how much of a pain they would be. Ten pairs of scissors – hahaha. 🙂

  17. ten pairs at least – after all, I will be filthy rich

  18. Practicing being rich for so long! Loved this. Since we don’t drink cow milk, we buy almond or soy or rice milk which costs an arm & a leg. Have not heard of milk bags. I have heard–distantly–of being rich, though! (How long are you going to do the 200 words? Mine ends July 31st; not sure how many more times I’ll be able to post before then.)

    • July 31st is my goal – afraid I am running out of steam though–but it is a good exercise. If you read tomorrow’s post you will see what I mean.
      You have been at this longer than I – how are you doing?

      • Ready to extend beyond 200 words, but I’ve learned so much about editing. Have learned how many words I use that aren’t really needed. How you can find the meat in the clamshell. (Ha ha, what kind of metaphor is THAT?) Do I take it the words have overcome you and you’ll be writing 2,000 tomorrow? 😉

  19. well, there is that too — no I am just running out of topics that fit this format – I have to be careful not to leave out too many words–so that the post does not make sense. I found myself starting sentences by leaving out the leads, which can sometimes work, but not all the time.

  20. a milk bag is just wrong ~ never seen one and glad for it

    love the 200-word thing, must go back and read what other hilarity you’ve got in this format…

    • do we only have them in Ontario I wonder?

      • that would be a weird conspiracy worth investigating {cue eery music}

      • it is all Dalton McGuinty’s fault (he is the Premier of Ontario)

  21. Milk bags???

  22. O.M. Gosh, I laughed when I saw the milk bag, remembering summer visits to my aunt’s house in New Brunswick! Good times, good times… 🙂

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