Day 14 ~ 200 Words

Maybe this little vignette will cool you off this hot summer: I call it ~ “Close to Grace” ~

Pond Hockey Tournament, Rawden Creek, Stirling...

Pond Hockey Tournament, Rawden Creek, Stirling Ontario_4195 (Photo credit: Bobolink)

The whole pond was mine for the taking.  But it was not an easy taking. It was not close by and there were no sidewalks or trails to take me there. It took a rugged trip through furrowed fields, clambering over fences, jumping across a wide stream, and running down a small hill to get to the frozen pond. But it was a trip worth taking.

Every year, during the Christmas holidays, my sister and I would bundle up, and with our skates tied together in a loose knot and thrown over our shoulders, we would make our way to “our pond”.

Sometimes the pond  was smooth and clean and the skating easy. Sometimes the pond was snow-covered and bumpy—but we didn’t care. We had fun no matter the condition. And when we got bored with skating around the pond, we would venture into the tiny forest that bordered it.  Holding onto the slender trees, we would skate in and around them—sometimes imagining them as partners in our ice dance. It was as close to grace as I would ever get.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir at the 2010 World ...

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir at the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the time I was 16, the pond had lost its magic for me.  I still have the skates though, purchased when my mom thought my feet were still growing. If I donned them today, I am sure the dreams of decades ago would still resonate and grace would be mine again.

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  1. Loved skating with the trees as our partners….you captured the memory perfectly.

  2. Between a cool post & the rain that’s falling – I feel a sudden drop in temps 😉
    Nice post. I wish I knew how to skate. My girls tell me they’ll teach me. But – I’m good. I will enjoy & watch them glide on the ice instead!

  3. I am afraid to skate anymore – If I fall I am not sure I will bounce back like I did when I was a kid – but I do remember gliding across the ice and the freedom of it all

  4. This was so vivid. I felt as if I was there. I really enjoyed these 200 words.

  5. Such a nice memory, thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  6. Good memories, lovely story. You’re going along well with your 200 a day 🙂

    • I think I may have cheated a little with this one – but not too too much – glad you enjoyed it,

  7. We used to skate on ponds, flooded and frozen fields and the lake. We’ve been keeping up that tradition with our kids. You brought back great memories.

  8. Well done —- Although my memories include wet woolen socks and frozen toes as the price of all day hockey games …

  9. -the longer version of this included the story about how you had to escort Peg and I to the pond before we were old enough to go ourselves – I will email it to you
    -I never spent all day at the pond, only a few hours
    -remember Norma showing up at our door?

  10. What a great memory, Lou Ann and I bet you treasure those skates. I grew up roller skating which I found out is way different than ice-skating when I attempted it. We’ve tried to go into NYC several times when the ice rinks are open but the lines are unbelievable and patience isn’t one of my virtues. :). The gorgeous country-like setting looks more lovely.

  11. Well done … and thanks for the dash of ice.

    • it is nice this time of year in most of North America–thanks for the compliment

  12. I tried roller skating when I was in university and fell so many times on my first try I could hardly walk for a week – thank goodness I was in my early twenties. Roller skating is so not like ice skating.
    I have very little patience for lines too so I understand.

  13. My grandfather would flood the backyard to make a skating rink. Easy to do since he lived in Duluth!

  14. how great to not have to go over hill and dale to get to your ice rink

  15. Thanks for sharing this – I loved picturing you and mom skating and running about as I read it. Beautiful!

  16. It was a lot of fun – but boy did we have to bundle up — love to hear from you Krista. Watched part of a Gilmore Girls episode today, and you really remind me of Rory.

  17. A cool post is the perfect antidote for a hot summer day. I’m not a very good skater, but I love to skate on ponds. I feel so attuned to nature on those cold winter days.

    • I wish it was not just a memory for me – skating on ponds does put you near nature and all its wonders doesn’t it?

  18. Cheryl Thomas…

    […]Day 14 ~ 200 Words « On the Homefront[…]…

  19. We had a pond in our backyard (Ohio). I only skated on it once. I really needed the railing of an ice-skating rink. My brother and his friends tried playing hockey on it once. I believe the results involved stitches. And yet, it’s still brings back good memories somehow.

  20. we had a pond too. often my toes would be so cold by the time we got there, the trip took up more time than the skating. you still have grace my friend, it might not be in your feet, but its in your heart and in your words!

    • I had to wear a lot of socks cause my skates were big ad I had roomy boots to get me there, so usually my toes were warm. Thank you for saying I have grace – never thought about it that way–what a nice thing for you to say.

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