Day 13 ~ 200 Words

apple juice

apple juice (Photo credit: chelsey.baldock)

Who says everyday life is not exciting? Why just this morning as I was making my first cup of coffee, I reached in for the jug of 1% and an open can of apple juice fell out of the fridge onto the floor.

I did not notice it a first. (Remember this was the first cup of coffee of the day—it was 5:30 a.m.  I can be excused for not noticing a metal can clanking onto the floor, can’t I?) Then I heard the glug, glug, glug of the light amber liquid and saw it spreading across the wood floor, creeping into the cracks.

I am taking this as a sign. A sign that it is time to clean the kitchen.  If I looked into someone else’s fridge and saw what I see in my fridge, I would be appalled. But I always think that my dirt is cleaner than other people’s dirt.  It is not, but I still think that. I wiped up the spill from the fridge fairly successfully.

I have mopped up the floor several times now, and it is still sticky. Success eludes me. It is uncomfortable under bare feet. My solution? I put on my shoes.

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  1. Oh no, don’t remind me about fridges where the food is collectively forming a language just so it can gently ask to be released after six months imprisonment. That poor cantaloupe! And a perfectly deserving raccoon waiting for it while it was still raccoon-caliber yum! XO

    • You have very clever food – mine does not speak–it just grows things and eventually smells to get my attention. Thanks for visiting–but if I ever drop by your house, I will remember to say no to the cantaloupe.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe we should just leave the doors open a crack at night for the raccoons. I bet they clean fridges better than a professional!

      • they frown on feeding racoons in my neighbourhood – scaredy cats are afraid of rabies – I myself think my fridge is more of a threat than racoons

      • DYING laughing, same here. We must have been raised by kindred parents!

      • maybe we were 🙂

  2. Not a great way to start your day, reminds me of the other day when I knocked over the maple syrup in the frig and didn’t notice it right away….by the time I did, the contents had made their way into all the nooks and crannies of the frig……I just closed the frig door and pretended it never happened. Try a solution of vinegar and water on the floor, should take care of the stickies.

  3. Thanks Peg – I will try it. My shoes (the fake Italian driving shoes I bought with you when I was in Ottawa) have rubber soles and stick quite nicely to the floor. Reminds me of those parties we used to go to in university when the dance floor was covered with beer and your feet stuck to the floor.

  4. Yep. Fridge. It’s been a repeat offender on my TO DO list for about a month now. At least you got something healthy and fresh to fall. My stuff is crawling out. 🙂

    • crawling out – I like that – I do have some lettuce that seems to be forming legs though

  5. I hate it when that happens. Pop, juice, anything sticky–it seems to take several washings before that stickiness is gone. Good luck.

    • Thank you – maybe I will just avoid it until tomorrow morning when I make the coffee again.

  6. I love that idea of your own dirt being cleaner than other people’s – haha!

  7. That reminds me – I need to clean my floors.

    • oh no, that is the last thing I want to do – remind you of work

      • LOL – That’s ok. I won’t do it tonight. I’ll probably wait until the weekend. 😉

      • I had better clean mine – if I do get stuck I hope it is near the fridge

  8. my light in the fridge went out so I am very afraid LOLs
    I understand this post….my steps this morning except my girls(my wolves) decided to fight over a cookie just as I made coffee and poured…oh well the floor needed mopping anyhow….
    you’re right it is always a sign…
    Great post…
    Take care…

  9. hope your floor is not as sticky as mine –did they spill the milk that went with the cookie? kids are adorable aren’ t they – I read somewhere that that is why we do not eat them

  10. Well, you did mention noticing signs from the universe! Another spill and you’ll know for sure.

  11. Haha I am sure you are the smartest out of us all my friend – if the floor gets dirty, I go crazy (at least in my room :P)

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Just shows there is a solution to every problem – your’s being shoes 🙂

    • That is true – I am very good about circumventing problems rather than solving them!

  13. I think we have the same kitchen. I don’t walk through mine without shoes, either, until I get desperate enough to think someone might drop in and stick to the floor.

    • Company coming always gets my house in shape – sticky floors are a no, no for company aren’t they -thanks for dropping by.

  14. Here’s what I notice. I see every speck and streak of dirt and spilled food on my kitchen floor. My adorable husband sees nothing. What’s that all about??

    • Consider him a keeper – but give him a broom and direct him as you would a blind man

  15. LouAnn – if you want to feel better you can always come and visit my fridge – I think the Creature from the Black Lagoon has set up permanent residence in my vegetable bin.

  16. Did you get a picture of him? Vegetable bins can be dangerous places. Rather visit you than your fridge though.

  17. But then your shoes get sticky!

  18. Juice seems to get spilled on a daily basis in our house. Shoes are just necessary. Good luck!

  19. When my kids were younger it was on a daily basis here too.

  20. Haha, I hate those signs; they drag you back to reality and make walking around the place annoying. And I do like to walk barefoot around the house. =[

  21. some realities are good, some realities are not – sticky floors are not

  22. Waking up to reality is blissfully walking in one’s socks across the kitchen floor and stepping in a big puddle of dog pee! It’s such a shock I scream everytime!

    • I can imagine – we here only have the cat variety–which is probably why I like the cat and do not love it.

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