Day 12 ~ 200 Words

Nancy Kissel during the 2005 trial

Nancy Kissel during the 2005 trial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband thinks he is very clever. And that he has a profoundly wonderful sense of humour. The proof they say, is in the pudding. Unbeknownst to me, he bought me a book and left it in my bookshelf for me to find.  I did not find it for weeks, until one day I was perusing the shelves looking for a little inspiration for my weekly newspaper column (as I had not yet started blogging).

Front and centre, there sat his “gift”. A red coffee table sized book, proclaiming in bold black print “EVIL WIVES”.  I took it out of the shelf and looked it over. Pictures of very unhappy women adorned the front cover. The back cover blurb read: “Nancy Kissel served her investment banker husband a strawberry milkshake laced with drugs, then clubbed him over the head with a statuette.” Some might say that this was overkill, others that it was a job well done.

The book brags that it “focuses on the most horrible crimes ever committed by women.” Hmm, wonder if I can match wits with any of the diabolical widows—I have been saving apple seeds for years….a little arsenic with your beer, dear?

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  1. brrrrrrr!

  2. Excellent – heh-heh 🙂

  3. I hate to say it but I think your husband does have a wonderful sense of humour 🙂 Now how are you going to retaliate? BTW, that is a scary set of tags you’ve attached to this post.

    • they are- maybe I should reconsider or I will have a lot of husband killers following me

  4. Does he sleep with one eye open now?

    • He should – I had him read this piece and he was not uncomfortable at all —

      • It’s probably best that they never get too comfortable.

  5. ha ha ha

  6. I guess he is knows will all his heart that you won’t hurt him, not even with the tempting arsenic in beer. ha, ha, ha. He does have a great sense of humor and has a very adventurous spirit. Finding your own gift is very clever. Thanks.

  7. yeah, great sense of humour – actually he does and he knows I would never put arsenic in his beer – maybe a little hot sauce but nothing fatal

  8. My husband hates strawberry milk shakes.

  9. Hahahaha! 🙂

  10. Ha! You’d need too many apple seeds I think 😉 This format suits you!

  11. hahaha, that’s hilarious. Now he’s planted seeds in your head so he better he on his best behaviour 😉

  12. I want surprise gifts from my husband too, err but not like these 😛

    • John tells me it is a “reference” book?! referencing what I want to know – I don’t think he has a death wish

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