Day 11 ~ 200 Words !?

First page of WC Handy's "St. Louis Blues...

First page of WC Handy’s “St. Louis Blues” from the Library of Congress, Brown University Collection of African-American sheet music (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was edited from an 850 word column I wrote for this week’s paper. It is a double 200 worder. Tomorrow I get back on the 200 word bandwagon:

In my eternal endeavour to be a “good sport” about things I do not have any interest in, I attended  the Sunday schedule of a Blues Fest event held outdoors. I did not want to go. I really did not want to go in this heat. But I went, and surprisingly, while a good time was not necessarily had by all, it was not too bad.

I am not really a “blues” girl. A little bit goes a long way for me—particularly traditional blues, which apparently is the basis for rock and roll, so I will give it its due somewhat reluctantly. I write this knowing that the blues have some diehard fans (my husband and eldest son being two) who do not understand my reticence about this genre.

I did put up quite a fuss before we left for the event – I had to try to look decent, which for me now is becoming more of an Olympic event in itself.

“I don’t want to go to this thing” I whined to my husband.” It is hot, and my hair looks funny and I do not want to sit in the sun.” I fumed for about a half an hour, got it out of my system, and then finished getting ready. I am glad that I had my little “hissy” fit in the comfort of my own home because then I was ready to put my “public” face on and act like a normal human being.

I sat with two tables full of blues aficionados, so I tapped my foot and bobbed my head to the music, to show that I was being on my best “good sport” behaviour.

It is always awkward when the entertainers on stage say: “Put your hands together—we want to see that Windsor spirit”, and you are sitting up front and centre and do not follow their plea for participation. I have nothing against “putting my hands” together and clapping in unison with everyone else, but my internal musical timing is off. You know when everyone claps to a song, then you hear that errant clap that is out of sync with everyone else? That is me. I am the one who cannot stay with the beat. It is embarrassing and I have received “looks” from those around me who cannot understand that I clap to the beat of a different drummer.

Detroit and Windsor

Detroit and Windsor (Photo credit: dherrera_96)

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