Day 9 ~ 200 Words

Bob the Cat

Bob the Cat (Photo credit: CJ Sorg)

Kitty Bob is our family cat. My two sons and husband love this cat—I mean they really LOVE it. I like the cat. Therein lies the rub.

From my oldest son, I hear: “Mom, the cat is trying to get your attention. Pet the cat, he thinks you don’t love him.”

“Honey, look at the cat. The little kitty wants you to pet him. Isn’t he cute?” says my husband, known in some circles as the Cat Whisperer.

“Mom look, Kitty Bob loves you,” my youngest son will say, trying to get me to engage with the feline.

I am not taken in by these things. I know what the cat wants. The cat wants to be fed. All the time. The cat does not want me to pet him. He knows I am the keeper of the Meow Mix, and the only reason he rubs against my legs is to get me to feed him. It is ironic, that the only person in the house not in love with the cat is the only one who feeds him.

I feel deficient sometimes, like I am missing a gene or something.

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  1. We have four cats. I love them. They love my husband.

  2. Ah. I totally understand. Our current cat, Lurch (he has a hitch in his giddy-up), is downright ornery, EXCEPT when he is lying to each of us in turn, telling us he hasnt yet been fed (when he already has). He’s not my favourite either, but when he’s lounging he adds a certain something to the house. He’s more of an accessory than a cuddly pet. And the smallest kid has the scars to prove it.

    • An accessory – there is the way to look at it – cause cats are generally pretty nice looking – maybe I will find a collar a little more fancy than his current flea collar

  3. You are really good at this!

  4. You are doing well on 200 a day 🙂

    • It is getting more challenging – so I thank you. You really do have to leave out a lot.

  5. Hahahaha! I laugh because my mom is always telling my dad to “pet the cat, she loves you!” Don’t worry – you’re not alone! 🙂

    • People with that gene want other people to enjoy animals as much as they do – glad I could provide a little levity

  6. I have a cat too.I love them and think yours is beautiful.
    Say does your cat sit close to you?Curl up on your lap?Sleep on you?Purr?Sit under your chair?That’s feline love.And if he doesn’t. a sure shot way to make him is to stroke him slowly from nose to top of the head,one way never the other.It makes almost every cat your slave.

    • ah, thanks for the tip – to be honest, our cat really does bask in all the attention he gets–and he does do the things you describe – so obviously the cat loves us back

  7. Cats are very affectionate and it’s hard not to pet them when they’re curling around your legs , staring at you with those innocent eyes. Beautiful post!

  8. You join my sons and husband in your love of cats–you have the gene I am missing–though I agree with you, they are hard to resist.

  9. Made me laugh Lou, I think we all (Jim. John, me) have the missing gene…..let’s blame Mom!

  10. really hate to reveal this, but I am as yet not talented enough to post my own pics – found this one with a cat named Bob and could not resist – Kitty Bob is variations of brown and black and gold with a white bib

  11. Maybe you’re not missing anything. Perhaps you’re a cat whisperer! 🙂

  12. I always thought that cats rubbed up against you because they were claiming their territory. So they want to be fed? Good to know.

    • I think cats have all kinds of messages – you could be more right than I am – just my cat does it around mealtimes

  13. I am missing the same gene.

    • Glad I am not alone – my whole family (my siblings) seem to be missing it too.

  14. Kitty loves you. It’s not all about feeding….at least that’s what I think.

    • I hope you are right – but food is an elixir to cats and I have the advantage, cause I feed him

  15. You are so right, my co-worker likes his cats..his wife loves … “really loves her cats”. He is the one the feeds them and cleans the litter box…so who do they want attention from – him because they know he is the keeper of their food and clean litter box!! In all fairness his wife is a realtor so her job has no set hours, his job allows him to go home during lunch and home at a reasonable time so he is the lucky one to take care of the cats. 🙂 Blessings – Patty PS I will let him know he is the “cat feeder” which puts him in the number 1 slot!! LOL

  16. I also clean the litter, so he and I have a lot in common – litter cleaners and cat feeders–no wonder the cats like us

  17. Funny … we’re cat lovers (but don’t have them now because of my wife’s allergies). But they want your attention for three things … food, attention, and play. 🙂 Enjoy Bob!

    • I think I am mildly allergic, but my family would part with me before they would part with Kitty Bob

      • I laughed at this – probably not true, but mine might do the same. I’d the to have to test the theory.

      • I do not want to test my theory–I would be heart broken (lol)

  18. We have a black cat who looks like your Kitty Bob and we all love her. I think I am the one in the family who loves her too much and wants to cuddle with her and hug her more than she wants. I would love for her to lay on me while we watch tv or a movie after the boys are in bed but she always chooses Husband who would rather she did not smother him with her affection.

    I think you should pass the job of Meow Mix Provider (and litter box scooper, if you are in charge of that as well) to one of your boys or your husband. 🙂

    • I agree with you about passing the jobs on – particularly litter box cleaner–we shall see. Our cat cuddles when he wants to, and he makes everyone jealous by cuddling up to me when we watch tv, because I, like your husband, do not really care.

  19. LOLOL. This post reminds me so much of my mom when I was younger. She would swear she did not like our dog, however, a year later the dog was very affectionate to her after she had major surgery and she swore that he knew, and their love then blossomed!

    • I think I may be like your mom – we had another cat years ago, and when my oldest son turned one he disappeared, and I was still looking for that cat a year later

  20. Smiling. We used to have cats. I sense, perhaps, an appreciation of felines beneath your 200 words. LOL!

  21. i am the receptacle of every cat that my kids just had to have in their first apartments in college that needed a home when they then moved on to a new apt. or a new life. i too am merely the food person. in fact, if i go to any house on the planet where there is a cat, the cat immediately moves to his/her food bowl, looking back at me, saying: “come on. you’re the one with the moveable thumb. open a can already”.

  22. now that is funny – cats just know don’t they? and i think they want to eat all the time.

  23. LouAnn, the under 200 is cruising along…lovely! Nice and tight this tale er…tail… 😉

  24. We have a neighbourhood cat whom we call ‘Seven Dinner Sid’ after the children’s book. He calls in on each of us to be petted and perhaps given some milk and we don’t know where he lives! He’s in very good condition and has us all in thrall! 🙂

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