Day 7 ~ 200 Words

Ladies' underwear advertisement, 1913

Ladies’ underwear advertisement, 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A person wearing long johns.

English: A person wearing long johns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picked up the book “Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear” by cartoonist, blogger, and author Hugh MacLeod simply because I liked the title.  It is obviously a title a male would come up with, as not too many females I know would sit at their computer and blog in their underwear. If I had written the book, it would have been called “Freedom is Blogging in Your PJs”.

MacLeod, who started blogging ten years ago, believes that it “permanently and irrevocably change(s) the world for the better”.  He provides a healthy list of reasons why he is such an advocate. First and foremost he says that through blogging his cartoons “have reached millions of people.” He also met his girlfriend through his blog (which I think should have been his foremost reason for loving the world of blogging, but I am a hopeless romantic), as well as his business partner and all his clients.

I have been bit by the blogging bug—and not for the original reason I decided to develop a site. Everyone, including MacLeod, raves about the community feel of blogging. And for now, for me, that is enough. Fame and fortune I am sure will follow.

MacLeod’s blog is

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  1. I enjoy the community aspect as well.

  2. fantastic picture! Thanks for the wonderful website.

  3. Yes the community aspect came as a huge surprise to me because when I started blogging a few months ago, I was just wanting to write. I certainly didn’t expect to discover such a world of beauty and support!

  4. Glad you’ve been hit by the blogging bug, I so enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Nice blog – interesting and entertaining …

  6. thanks very much

  7. Fame and fortune are fleeting but community tends to stick around. Blogging is not only good for ourselves, it’s good for everyone else too. Glad you’ve been bit by the bug too 🙂

    • Do not really care about the fame, but a little fortune would be good – I have one kid in college and another one thinking about it
      -but that is so true about community – it feels like a lovely hug sometimes

  8. I totally agree! I’ve “met” some fantastic bloggers over the lady 6 months. Fellow writers I would NEVER have found any other way. I LOVE my little community!!!! 🙂


    • me too – I am fast becoming addicted – the community is so welcoming – thanks Vikki

  9. *mutter grumble bloody iPad spell check mutter grumble* lol


  10. Community definitely does it for me too.And thanks for your constant support ,especially when obsessing about money making is definitely not your thing.And I love reading your blog.It stops me from obsessing about money for a few minutes every day.Love the pics on this post.I didn’t realize innerwear a hundred years ago was as elaborate as outerwear these days.

    • if we had that type of lingerie today–I would blog in my underwear.
      I am glad you get some enjoyment from my blog – I certainly learn a lot from yours–thanks for your encouragement

  11. I agree that the community aspect of blogging is what makes it so enjoyable and I think one of the reasons it’s such a good thing is that it’s so positive. It’s full of encouragement, support and appreciation and sometimes those things are sadly lacking in day to day life. Hurrah for bloggers!

  12. Fame and fortune, oh my!! yes I suppose if Hugh could find MILLIONS of people to like him through a cartoon blog, then anything is possible!! by the way, a gossip journalist named Jannet Walls has made a big hit here in Denmark with her memoir, supposedly,, of growing up dirt poor in Appellacia with her drunkard dad and finally gets to NYC to become famous….. they are knee deep waiting to read this story here at the local library! so reallyl Who Knows what life can bring us…..

    • I have no drunken parents in my background–but I think I am still going to take a shot at it anyway. Memoirs seem to be so popular, but you have to have something to say. Hey, as of yesterday I have over 200 followers, which for me is a big deal.

      • I would read it! I’ve enjoyed your writings and your columns that you post.

      • Thank you – right back atcha (that is a Sarah Palinism)

  13. I didn’t give “community” any thought when I started. But – it snuck up on me & I must say – I enjoy the “community” in this world 🙂
    And – I’m glad to be part of it.

  14. interesting post and photos. Have a great day.

    • Thank you – you have great day too. (see this is all part of the community aspect)

  15. This truly captures the spirit of blogging, it’s something I had convinced myself I would never have time for, and nobody would be terribly interested in what I had to say. It has surpassed all my expectations! I really love your 200 words project, particularly the memoir concept, looking forward to reading more..

    • It is a surprisingly creative outlet and very satisfying – love the contacts I have made
      Glad you like the memoir concept

  16. The warmth and support I unexpectedly found in the blogging community is by far the greatest part of my blogging experience. Although some fame and fortune would be nice as well. 🙂

    Oh, and as a side note, I always blog in my underwear they just happen to be under my clothes.

    • ha, ha, ha – you are a clever girl – come on admit it–sometimes you blog in your jammies don’t you
      -on a different note, I was surprised at the warmth of the blogging community too – I had no idea

  17. Only me again 🙂

    I’ve TAGGED you lol

    Don’t feel obligated to take part, but, if you do, your list of probing questions are here 😉


    • You provided me with fodder for Day 8 – 200 Words — you will find my answers there – thanks for asking them. It is my post for July 13th – or Friday the 13th – my lucky day. After all – I was tagged.

  18. Thanks for writing about Hugh McC – will look for the cartoons and book…..once I change out of my pj’s.

  19. Well said LouAnn … and this could be FP!

  20. it’s nice to have a laugh on a monday morning. your 200 words a day is really magnificent. just to have 200 clever, well spoken words a day is pretty incredible. bravo to you!

  21. what a great message to get first thing Monday morning – you have started my week off on a wonderful note – thank you – and thank you for brightening my day!

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