200 Words ~ Day 1

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest on ...

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest on May 5, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Goal:

Write 200 words a day for the month of July. (Not counting my weekly columns, which have to be at least 750 words to fill my space on page 5 of the paper it lives in).


Same reason people climb Mount Everest.

What is that?

Because it’s there.

Actually, Kathy Drue,  from the blog: Lake Superior Spirit is attempting this, so I thought I would give it a try. I told her that it would be challenging to decide which babies to throw out with the bath water. (If you wonder what this baby thing is about—I learned from one of the members in my writers’ group, that “killing your babies” means that there are times when you have to edit out some of the best parts of your writing to achieve a goal: to make it more readable, the correct length, or not  elaborate on something that does not need elaboration.  That is my loose definition for a horrible term much befitting the process of editing).

I have been looking for a doable challenge for some time.

Think I have found it.

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