Angst–or a pity party for one

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Traditional Scuderia Ferrari logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post will be understood by fellow bloggers who have not yet hit the “big time” of being Freshly Pressed by WordPress.  For those of you who do not know what this means—it is the equivalent of (almost) getting a book deal, buying a new silver Ferrari, and thumbing your nose at your bill collectors.

How does one get Freshly Pressed? I read the instructions on improving your likelihood of being FP (as those of us in the biz call it) and have tried to incorporate the suggestions into my posts. I have tried be topical and give  proper due to those I have quoted. I take great pains to add pictures appropriate to my topics (though I have not yet figured out how to put my own pictures on the blog yet—but that will come); and I try to be as grammatically correct as my aging brain  and English degree will let me–but still no recognition! What am I doing wrong?

And today—today, I lost one of my followers. I read a blog recently where a fellow blogger  lost a follower, and I understood his dilemma, and was sympathetic,  but I had not yet been hit by the delete button. Now I fully understand—what did I do? Did I comment on a site and the comment was misunderstood? Did one of my posts offend someone? Or,… and please don’t let this be it—did I bore them to tears?

I have had my blog since August 2011, but because I am so simple-minded, my niece, Chay Geauvreau, set it up for me. She asked me my favourite colours and put a lot of thought into getting me on the right track. She knew I wanted a forum for the columns I write weekly for the newspaper where I freelance. (Of course, I passed  this by my editor, who told me that because I am freelance the columns belong to me, even though the paper pays for them: Bonus!) We tried to call this just “On The Homefront” but apparently we had to add “and beyond” as someone else was using the name, or something like that. That was okay by me, as this is the name of the column I write, so I did not have much trouble remembering it.

When I started out, I was only posting about once a week. In December I started to pick up the pace and post stuff (great works of creative literature – lol) that was just for the blog and not merely recycled columns. In the past three months I have tried to post at least four times a week, and my stats have risen dramatically. Not dramatically for those of you getting thousands, or even hundreds of hits, but dramatically for me. So what is the next step in this whole process? Why to be Freshly Pressed, of course!

Okay, the pity party is over. Even if I never get Freshly Pressed, I am enjoying this blogging experience. I have met some of the most wonderful people, and been nominated for a number of awards, which, when and if I ever become organized enough, I will be recognizing by doing my due diligence and posting the awards and naming some of my favourite blogs, which is going to be difficult because I have so many.

Spend no time feeling sorry for me, we all have to get rid of our little bit of angst sometimes. I am over it now- sort of, kind of, in a way.

(If any of you have any idea why I have not been chosen—let me know. But be gentle, as I am a rather delicate soul. And to the person who deleted me, if you still look in on occasion, I would be interested to hear from you. Maybe the reason you deleted me is the reason I have not yet been Freshly Pressed.)

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English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Seriously, who knows how one becomes Freshly-Pressed? Is it the luck of the draw or did a certain group of WP Happiness Engineers (or whoever monitors) liked what they read that day and deemed one worthy? Don’t worry about it — your blog is great and your diction spot of (like I have to tell YOU that). You are loved by your blogging friends and followers and they will continue to support you. 🙂 (It’s like anything else, it’ll happen when you least expect it.) 😉

    • And that is exactly what I should be thankful for – I have made some wonderful friends (you being one in particular) – luck of the draw–that is how I will look at it, unless of course I get FP- then I will think it is my talent (lol)

  2. I haven’t a clue about how to get FP and I don’t know that I understand what it means! But you write great blog posts, have a good and faithful following (don’t worry about the odd one out) and to have won awards? Well, you’re doing everything right! Keep on going… 🙂

    • Thank you – I think being Freshly Pressed means they pick you out and put you on their Freshly Pressed Page and make your blog available to lots of other blogs – that is my understanding. Thank you for the encouragement – I am a little embarassed about complaining now.

  3. Well so far you are still my only follower I think…. we all have to start somewhere! Keep up the good work!

    • I cannot believe that – we will have to do something about it -I love your blog! Thanks for the encouragement

    • Might I suggest that you add your blog web address to your gravatar profile. I find that a lot of people neglect to do this and then they leave comments or click the like button on my site and I can never get to their blog to check it out. I was hoping to take a peek at yours but could not. 😦

    • Yes, please do what Shoes suggests! I tried to follow you too! By the way, have no idea how to get onto FP. But blogging every day is soooo time consuming – and you have to earn a living! Great post

      • I just tried to find your blog too! And that has prompted me to add my blog to my Gravatar too! Thank you for the advice! 🙂

    • You might want to put a link on your gravatar to your blog 🙂 I tried to go there to be your 2nd follower…but couldn’t. Smiles. 🙂 Sam

  4. So far I’ve noticed that only a few of the Freshly Pressed people actually had anything worth reading. Some of it was downright bad, even.

    I promise it wasn’t me that hit the unfollow button. I enjoy reading your new stuff as it goes up.

    It would be fun to see the stats meter spin right round though, wouldn’t it?

    • Well, I agree that I wonder why some of the stuff gets pressed–so I am with you there
      Glad you did not delete me – you are one of my favourite blogs (seriously this is true–I am not sucking up) so I am glad you did not leave me
      And yes, it would be good to see those stats climb

      • I agree. A lot of freshly pressed I’ve read, with a few exceptions, were not effective writers, in my “humble” opinion. 🙂

      • but if you or I get FP’d that will all change of course

      • lol 🙂

  5. I think it’s random. But – something tells me that I have a better chance of winning the lottery than being freshly pressed.

    • oh, well, if you put it that way – I am going to stop worrying about it and just blog –thanks for commenting–although I do not know why you think you would not get FP–I am a loyal follower who thinks your blog is just great

  6. That would be wondeful if it will ever happen to me…I can still dream 🙂

  7. dreaming is good – we have to have our dreams!

  8. When I first started blogging I used to fixate of being Freshly Pressed. A couple weeks ago a link to my blog was in a post that was Freshly Pressed. My stats went through the roof (four or five times what I usually see) for two days and I rode the coat tails of the FP and famous and then things went back to normal. It was rather anticlimactic, really and now those huge bars on my bar graph of daily stats make my normal days look so sad and small.

    I have come to the conclusion that as long as I am happy with each and every one of my posts that is enough. I have a consistent group of people who comment or click the like button and some who pop up from time to time. I think you and your blog are smashing and that you should simply not worry about the great powers that be who with a key stroke here or there make someone FP. 🙂

  9. So I am just going to relax and not worry about it – but you have to admit–watching your stats go up was momentarily exciting. Meeting you is worth a lot more than being FP-ed

    • Ahh, thank you. (And yes, it was pretty neat to see my stats go crazy if truth be told, but it was also rather impersonal and lacking. All these people came by to see my site and less than a handful left a footprint.)

  10. This is an interesting post and so are all the comments! How do you know when someone ‘unfollows’ you?

  11. Perhaps there should be an ‘Unfreshly Pressed’ option – ha!

    • I like that – you know if someone unfollows because your blog follower number goes down

      • I don’t check the stats much so I didn’t realize – am gonna go check now – can you tell WHO unfollows you? How fascinating!

      • I don’t think you can really tell–but there may be a way.

      • Yes, if you check the right box somewhere you will get a notice in your email everytime someone follows you – or “likes” you – or makes a comment. It takes me forever to find what and where to go in the dashboard or widget or blah blah blah 🙂 And, due to my age, even after I discover how to do something I’ll forget what I did and have to find out all over again:-?

      • I do that all the time and cannot figure out for the life of me how I did it once and cannot do it again – fortunately I have a computer savvy son who comes to my rescue (rolling his eyes a bit, but nevertheless helping me).

  12. Hello LouAnn, I enjoyed reading this post. I stumbled upon your blog after reading a freshly pressed blog post that you “liked.” Funny! Just wanted to let you know that I too have had this pity-party (most recently yesterday, in fact), and I know the more I think about being freshly pressed, the less likely I will be. I have to remind myself to write posts that matter to me, not the Freshly Pressed Pickers. 🙂 Pity-parties aren’t bad though, are they? We can’t stay at them too long, though. Onward! 🙂

    • I agree that we cannot stay at them too long, because there is never any cake and ice cream!
      I agree that we should write posts for ourselves and our follower friends–with this in mind, I hereby shut this pity party down.

  13. I’m happy to have the loyal, wonderful readers who often leave comments. I think a lot of the “Freshly Pressed” blogs are mediocre… following the Kardashians, things like that. I’m sorry you were “unfollowed,” but sometimes that happens when a person goes on vacation and doesn’t want a huge volume of email upon their return. Also, occasionally a member will change email addresses and rejoin you later. Judging by your sensitivity, I doubt highly that you did anything that would offend.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’m glad I could return the favor! Peace, Amy

    • I like your explanation – yeah, they went on vacation. My husband says I have “delicate sensibilities” which I translate to mean I am a pain in the behind–thanks for your comment – I will be back to visit you regularly, Amy.

  14. Oh well, we both have also been wondering what is it that we should be doing to be featured on the FP page. But after sometime, we were like never mind. We already have a mission of 366 books and maybe we should just focus on that …LOL! As for your unfollow-er – you still have the genuine ones around you! 🙂 Happy Blogging and I’m sure you will be featured on the FP someday – when you’re not expecting it! 🙂

    • I must have been having a bad day yesday –onward and upward. I am going to concentrate on making this a blog people want to visit–and I really value my genuine followers. Thanks for taking the time to comfort me–sounds like you have been there, done that.

  15. The odds of me being Freshly Pressed are slime. Generally speaking, I don’t do art .. I don’t do travel logs with 2o pictures … I don’t do a lot of photography … I don’t do how-to posts with picture … Generally speaking, I don’t write their way, and don’t write about their common topics …. but maybe they will catch the unimaginable … but if so, it will be by accident.

    • I am coming to the conclusion here that the best blogs are not being discovered (although I have found a few on FP I did really like) – I enjoy the unimaginable – and I am thinking here that if it ever happens then great–but am not going to let it affect me–and neither should you – although you do not sound like it affects you in the least

  16. Never fear! Here is the FP down low. Don’t worry about it 🙂

    You are just fine, said the other never FPd blogger!

  17. It’s a mystery to me too! It seems to be the Holy Grail of WordPress!
    I love your blog and can’t see any reason why you might not have been FP’d!

    Adding your own photos is quite easy if you already have them on your computer. Put the ones you want to use onto your desk top and then go to the Images icon when you are writing a post. On my Mac I can just click and drag and it works! Hope that helps. 🙂

    We’ll keep on blogging and one day it might happen! 🙂

    • Thanks for the help and the encouragement – I love your blog, btw (I am so proud I know the shortform for by the way–I just learned it recently). I am now cooling my jets about the whole FP thing – though if it ever happens, I must admit–it will make me happy

  18. I’ve just read through the whole of this discussion and have this way, found lots of interesting blogs to have a look at! I love the blogging community and the people I am meeting. It’s fun so I agree with the people who said – Let’s blog for us and our followers and let’s have fun! 🙂

  19. we will never delete you! we’re so happy you “liked” us and we found you. It’s next best thing to sharing a cup of coffee on the porch. my son gave us a copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. grab a copy. it’s just what’s needed to turn a faltering step into a firm one.

    • something is happening to my reply – I thought I had sent it already–so here it goes again:
      I am glad you will never delete me–I will never delete you either – so glad I found your blog – I will look up that book – I wrote it down–maybe that is why my reply did not go through–something happened while I was writing it down – cheers

  20. I have no idea why someone would delete you. I think you are wonderful!! As far as, the whole freshly pressed thing goes, I have no idea how to achieve that status. Sounds like no one else knows either:)

    • why thank you – I think FP is going to have to remain a mystery and I will be happy with making friends with other bloggers like you —

  21. [ Chuckles ] I also read the requirements for ending up on “Freshly Pressed.” Just like you, I have never been on “Freshly Pressed.”

    My blog is original and unorthodox. I never made it my priority to follow their guidelines, because it is my blog and I post in a style that suits me (A reflection of who I am).

    I blog for the fun of it and once you are happy blogging, you are on the right track.

    However, if it is your desire to be “Freshly Pressed,” keep the faith and it would happen one day.

    I really enjoyed your post and keep up the writing along with the good work!

    • Thank you for the encouragement. If I were really honest I do not write just to be Freshly Pressed, but I have been more careful with my quotes–other than that I have not written on subjects just to get the attention of the powers that be.
      Am going to have to check out your blog – I like the idea of original and unorthodox.

  22. thought you might enjoy this…giggles…when I lost 2 followers….

    • most of the stuff on the list is why I follow you – great piece and lol funny – thanks for the link!

      • thanks for the read! 🙂

  23. I’ve seen a couple of the blogs I follow get freshly pressed and although I would love the accolade, of course I would, Im concerned that ending up with hundreds of comments every day that all need replying to could be very overwhelming.

    At the moment I probably spend 2-3 hours a day on my blog (inc reading others) and I can cope with that. But if my followers & commenters double…treble….overnight? * gulp* lol.

    I lost a follower a couple of weeks ago, and today, I stopped following 2 blogs 😦 The reasons I stop following is usually because the blogger never responds to my comments, there’s never any interaction, so I don’t have a connection with them. Which is why I ALWAYS reply to comments left on mine.

    Now, why someone stopped following me? Who knows, perhaps they were expecting something more, perhaps they got fed up with all my smiley faces lol. I’m determined not to let it get me down 🙂


    • I have to admit I have unfollowed a couple of times, but that will never happen between us, will it? When I unfollow it is because I signed on to someone who deals with things I do not agree with and did not realize it when I followed. Didn’t agree with here means semi-porn or really bad language, not IDEAS.
      I try to respond to all my comments too, and I see what you mean about trying to keep up with more.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences.

      • Noooooo, no way 🙂

        People who comment on my blog, and whose blogs I comment on, I feel like I know them lol. So unless they do something, like you say, that I don’t agree with, or suddenly change their blog to something completely different, I would never unfollow 😉

        You’re welcome honey 🙂


  24. I wouldn’t worry too much about losing a follower. They might have had a great deal of blogs coming into their email and found it difficult to follow all of them or perhaps they didn’t gel with yours. Some will only follow those who are regular contributors of their own blog. What you lose, you pick up elsewhere. I enjoy your blog and personally, I have never followed a freshly pressed blog. I don’t find travel blogs to be all that interesting. 🙂

  25. I meant to say, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed when I’ve lost followers. I must not be paying attention.

    • since I lost a follower, I have gained five, so I am feeling better about it {lol}. So I am not the only one who does not care for travel blogs much – there are a couple I follow that are a little unusual, so I enjoy them, but on the whole I do not. Thanks for your comments –after all the feedback and advice I have received I am going to forget about being FP’d

      • I’m not sure why, but most FP”s are about travel. It’s a mystery.

  26. I often think the FP deal is incredibly overrated. Half the stuff is just pretty pictures and while that’s nice, I’d really like to see more written content since that IS why most people are on WordPress in the first place…. But chin up! FP isn’t and shouldn’t be an indication of how good a blogger you are and honestly, if someone were to unfollow you because you’ve never been featured, that’s just ridiculous.

    • I agree with you – it is the written content that I am interested in too. And I did not mean to be such a baby about being unfollowed – hey it happens – I think I was trying to be funny, but it did not come across that way. Anyway, I see you are following me now – so that makes up for it – thanks.

      • Oh no! I think my snark at the would-be unfollower got misconstrued…. I simply meant that if someone were to do that, I would think THEY were being ridiculous. No matter what, being unfollowed is always a slap to our self-esteem as writers. Sorry if the comment came out wrong!

      • no one likes to be unfollowed – I took your comment as assurance and kindheartedness (for me) – thank you

  27. I have never been interested in FP, choosing to pick my own fresh picks. But I get it for those who do. I started my blog to write for myself. It was a place I could ensure my writing would always be stored. Then comments started to happen, feed back was shared. I become fascinated with the idea of writing for comments sake. That was a bust for me emotionally and I soon left the tactic behind. Back to writing mostly now for me.
    I did not even know that if you lost a follower you’d be notified that they deleted you. So much to learn. So little time. I think I’d rather spend it writing and reading…

  28. I think you have the right attitude – when someone unfollows you do not really know who it is unless you are following them and then you can see it there, but I am not interested in investigating. I took your advice and visited the blog you suggested today – thanks for that – I think you are a very generous blogger and am glad to have made your acquaintance.

  29. I don’t know how one goes about getting Freshly Pressed or how we would know if we had been so honored. I almost never look at that page. But you do have a healthy number of commenters, and that’s more than a lot of bloggers have.

    I don’t idolize blog stats but I do check them and my emotions can go up and down with the numbers. On one blog the author had the attitude of “feeding those who come to the table” — and that helped me a lot, to think of just trying to have something worthwhile for whoever does come by.

    • I am now cured of wanting to be FP’d –and I agree that feeding those that come to the table is an excellent idea
      so glad you dropped by – I am usually not such a complainer (in print)

  30. I eagerly looked on the Freshly Pressed – but alas, never any poetry 😦
    Keep going and chin up – you have a brilliant writing style and I am sure I will be a regular visitor!!
    As to the person who un-followed you – maybe it was an accident, maybe they were downsizing their lists – who knows… but you have many more followers than un-followers and may that trend continue!!

    • No poetry – I never noticed that – that is not a very good field of options if you ask me – we should write to the powers that be
      thanks for visiting – love your blog – I think we have a friendship in the making here
      I am over the unfollower

  31. This is my honest thought: it has to a lot to with blogrolls and the comments section of the blogs you frequent. Here’s a post I wrote on being freshly pressed that’s sort of serious and sort of not:… you’ll be able to see which is which. It truly is a little bit of voodoo luck, but it also has to do with being picked up by the super-stealth editors who troll other people’s blogs for new voices. My $0.02.

    BTW, it’s not equal to getting a book deal…more like getting an article placed in a cool magazine…good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice Stacie — so can I stalk you – just kidding – your post was really funny–that is how you got FP’d. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

  32. since I don’t know what fresh pressed is I won’t really think or comment on it..
    but I do understand the being dropped button and I understand what you mean..I always wonder if I offended someone or didn’t answer them fast enough or if I did at all..I wonder if I was boring…
    I went visiting other bloggers that follow my thoughts the other night, I almost stopped writing because WOW they are so eloquent, they write with such a graceful flow..and I see so many comments that i don’t have on mine…and I will never be in their league…
    after a blew out the candles on that party cake, ate the icecream by myself I thought oh well..I write as me…as i think, as i see and hear…I enjoy so many blogs, I get lost…and thats what matters..I enjoy writing and I enjoy reading…so its a perfect fit…
    and today as Linda ask what happen when i figured out why I wasn’t getting her new posts, I decided to look and see why I am not getting yours…same reson..i didn’t see the follow this blog thingy…so now I have clicked and I will be here more often….
    ( I apologize for not being here sooner, blonde and senior is my excuse , my story and I stick with it because it fits )
    Thank you for always stopping by…I do appreciate it…
    and i know I will enjoy truely following your words now …
    Take Care….
    You Matter.!

  33. Freshly Pressed is when the WordPress people feature you so others can find your blog.
    I am glad you found out how to follow–I have been following you for awhile and really, and I mean this sincerely, enjoy your blog–if you recognize eloquence in other then you should start recognizing it in yourself
    Thanks for stopping by–and just continue writing like you –it is working!

  34. Try saying that you’re sure you’ll never be Freshly Pressed. That’s what I did, and it happened the next day. There must be a lot of luck involved — think about how many WordPress blogs there are and how many are chosen, and you realize that most will never be Freshly Pressed. Being selected once, however, seems to increase the chances you’ll be picked again, which I feel adds to the unfairness of it all. But your blog is great, and you’re approaching the one-year mark, an achievement that’s much more difficult, and more admirable.

    • you are too kind – okay I will say it – I am sure I will never be Freshly Pressed – will let you know if it work-thanks for dropping by

  35. I look at it this way, while I would love to be freshly pressed, it will happen when it is suppose to happen. However….with that said……….I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 …wonder if that is too needy…. LOL

    • that is cute — why is when it is supposed to happen never now – I just don’t get that

      • Exactly! I feel like a 2 year old….stomping my feet and screaming…I want it now! LOL Good luck to both of us!

  36. I am ready to toast us both!

  37. 🙂 You have a following of great bloggers…that’s better than FP all day long.
    Plus, I have yet to be nominated for an award; mind you, my blog is nothing to write home about. :I

    • When and if I ever get around to accepting my awards officially I will happily nominate you – your kind words are better than being FP’d (well almost) ;0

  38. Make it a pity party for two. I’m in. 😉

  39. glad to know I am not the only one –

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