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Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Barefoot Contessa Cookbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I call this my frivolous Monday submission

I am a pushover for top ten lists of just about anything. Top ten books about avocados. Top ten artistic renderings of telephone poles. Even top ten music lists (though anything past the year 1982, which coincides with the year I was married is unfamiliar to me). So, just in case you too are a fan of top ten lists, I thought I would provide you with a summer list of my top ten favourite TV shows. (It is a summer list, because in the summer we are allowed to be frivolous and admit that we watch and enjoy television in the comfort of air conditioning).

1. Community: I love this show. My youngest son is home from college to toil away in a produce warehouse for the summer. He introduced me to this program about seven friends who form a study group—or actually the study group forms the basis of their friendship at Greendale “Community” College (hence the name of the sitcom). I hesitate to call it a sitcom, as that does not really do it justice—it is quirky, funny, and endearing.

2. Downton Abbey: I have already  written about this – but the Christmas show at the end of the second season ties up some loose ends while leaving a few tantalizing tidbits dangling for the third season.

3. Chopped: Who would not love a show where four chefs are given mystery baskets with weird food items (such as guppies, cornmeal, red liquorice, and lime Jell-O powder) and are asked not only make an appetizer, but one that is edible and presented artistically. This show is the ultimate in grace under pressure.

4. Big Bang Theory:  Cannot get enough of these super smart guys who find life mystifying.

5. The Barefoot Contessa: Any show that stars my favourite cook, Ina Garten, is a show I am going to watch. Her favourite saying is: “How easy is that?” I have written down recipes from her show, and actually made them! Who says there are no miracles?

6. Power and Politics with Evan Solomon:  This is serious entertainment. Political operatives, pundits, and the powers-that-be all vie to be on this show. Unfortunately some of them did not learn the second golden rule: listen quietly and wait your turn.

Okay, I could only come up with six, but who has heard of a top six list?

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  1. Unfortunately I know only big bag theory.How about Come Fly With Me?Its on BBC Entertainment.

  2. My inlaws keep raving about Downton Abbey, so I’d like to rent it sometime. And we love the Big Bang Theory (We can never remember the name of the show and call it Science Dorks). Love Ina Garten too – whatever happened to real cooking shows like hers on the Food channel?

    • I feel your pain–for a while there were a lot of shows on the Food Channel I liked – I do not know where they went – Ina seems to have been delegated to just Sundays around here.and a lot of the shows are not worth watching. The first season of Downton Abbey was only about $17 and I got the second season for Mother’s Day.

  3. I love Ina Garten too, I find her relaxing to watch. Still haven’t gotten around to Downton Abbey yet, but it is on my summer watching list.

  4. Love Chopped and the Barefoot Contessa … and many other Food Network shows. Because my wife rules the TV, I watch what she watches. Stop snickering – at least I don’t go to another room to watch baseball! 😉

  5. You are a good boy – I Know when my husband no longer wants my company – he turns on the Speed channel. Sometimes he will suffer through my shows–but he does not “love” them – your wife is so lucky

    • Of course, much of the time I’m multi-tasking with the laptop.

  6. you can’t change my mind, I am still impressed

  7. Haha at least you watch shows that are intellectually stimulating! I don’t watch TV that much, but I was recently introduced to Downtown Abbey. While I didn’t get as into it as my sister-in-law, I did find it very interesting! My favorite thing about it is that the characters spoke very eloquently, and when they needed to insult someone, it made their words all the more clever and biting!

  8. I never thought about it that way – but it is so true – love Maggie Smith

  9. Yes, I heard the same thing about D Abbey. Can’t wait in a strange way because at the same time I do not want it to end. I love Big Bang. I many ways I learned to communicate with my oldest child by watching it. He is brilliantly nerdy.

  10. I know what you mean – about shows you like ending – there are not many I get attached to, but when I do, I hate when they are cancelled or run their course. I have a son like yours too–but he does not like Big Bang Theory – he thinks it is making fun of nerds in a way that is not discernible to the general public – got to say, I love my Sheldon though

  11. What is it about top ten lists that catch our eye? Going to check out some of your recommendations. thanks

  12. You know, I have also written down recipes while watching the Barefoot Contessa! Can’t say I ever acted on them, but I was certainly inspired.

  13. I love Big bang theory…Sheldon and the gang so nerdy and oh so funny

  14. We could totally hang out, between Downton and Community, and a dash of Ina.. 🙂

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