Just Being Silly

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole.

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was an exercise  written for my writers’ group–the prompt was the first sentence. As you will see, I was just being silly:

There is a wickedness and wildness in the depths of my heart. I am convinced of this because I hide my cache of cupcakes from my family in the freezer. These are no ordinary cupcakes— they are the answer to my heart’ s  desire. I do not just buy a package of the cupcakes (you know the ones – they sport a squiggly white line on top of the fudgy icing and have a “hidden” cream filling) and hide them at the back of the freezer as this deception has unfortunately been discovered. I now save the cardboard boxes that the family pack of hamburgers comes in, and squirrel them away under the yellow cover of  this no name product box.

Sometimes, when I do not have a deceptive box to hide my delectables, I will take them out of their original container, and scatter them willy nilly among the other freezer food.  One twin package of the lovelies is tossed into a corner under the frozen chicken, another is tucked in by the peas—so that even if someone is determined to find them, they will probably not find them all.

Granted, it is sometimes difficult finding the little guys when they are sprinkled and strewn, disseminated, distributed and dotted throughout the freezer—but once one is found, the reward, with a tall glass of cold milk is worth it.

Such evil in my soul—but it is satisfied by that first bite of the ice cold cake. It is important that the bite include the icing, spongy cake, and frozen white stuff in the middle (which, in scientific studies I ignore, has been linked  directly to heart failure). This  must be followed with a gulp of cold, cold milk. My fiendish self is then no longer either wicked or wild, but sated by this chocolate fudgy delight.

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  1. HA! You took a sentence and went a route that most probably didn’t. Chocolate, sweets (cache of cupcakes :)), fine wine, rich foods and sex — all delicious wickedness and wildness. Very entertaining and loved your descriptions!! :).

  2. Thank you, yourbrightened my day – we will have to share a frozen cupcake or two and cold glass of milk someday.

  3. Oh that creamy white filling… it has to be a mistake. Nothing that pure could be detrimental to your health! It’s a communist plot!!!! My favorite cupcake of all times as well.

  4. Funny! I know it was meant as humour and not a tip, but my devious chocolate addled brain thought it was a great idea! I think I have the perfect empty freezer box in the recycling bin right now, just waiting to be taped back up and filled with guilty treats.

  5. See you can learn something from me! If you’ve got kids and a husband (and I know you do) it is just a defensive tactic if you want any of the delectables.

  6. After reading your post, all I can think about is cupcakes….gotta go to the store.

  7. I admit, I’ve got a hidden store of candy that no one knows about. And they’ll never find out where it is! 😀

  8. good for you – I am just hoping none of my family reads my blog and finds out my hiding place

  9. Good stuff … and out of my league because I seldom write fiction … so more power to those who do!

  10. Happened by your blog through a series of clicks…..and I’m glad to have found you. This post is particularly funny. Thanks for sharing it. I think a lot of us out here have a secret stash of something around the house. 😉
    Looking forward to reading more and more ….

  11. Curse you! I diet ruined!! I’m off the 7-11 for some Hostess…

  12. so sorry

  13. I immediately thought what a fantastic idea that is. This was great, a pleasure to read.

    • I give my complete and total permission to everyone – especially you, to use my wild and wicked ways

  14. I can soooo see myself in your post.:)

  15. LOL…you are giving me ideas!!

  16. LouAnn, it was so hard to concentrate on your article! I went completely “no sugar” today and it took all of my willpower to focus on your words and not that yummy-looking cupcake!

    • Going no sugar is a good thing, though hard, I have not had my luscious cupcakes for weeks and weeks now. I lost 5 pounds and do not want to put it back on–so I can feel your pain.

  17. Great ideas,. not to mention I just ate a 12 pack of these over the last week :X

    • they are dangerous that way

      • Yeah, the one or two a day. Good thing I don’t do this often, or it would effect my health. I’m sure.

  18. I love your writing style! You have a new fan.

    • Thank you and welcome aboard – I just found you yesterday and love the name of your blog

  19. This is my first time here at your blog, I don’t know how you found me but I’m glad to come by and read your writing. This post here and the poem on “keeping the faith” are so elegant!

    • Thank you for the compliments – I read this first thing in the morning and it will make my whole day go better. I think I may have found your name from a comment you made on another blog – and I must admit, I love the name Tinkerbell, loved the character when I was young –

      • This really made me happy to read, you made my week go better by letting me know!
        Lots of love,

  20. YUM! I haven’t had a Hostess cupcake in years. Gotta have one.

    Great post, btw!

    • I try to stay away from them (it does not always work) – but frozen, they are delicious

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