Business card origami (and kirigami)

Business card origami (and kirigami) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The writer experiences everything twice.”  ~ C.D. Bowen

This is the quote that appears on my “business card” which I designed myself for free. As we all know there is no such thing as a “free lunch” and this pithy piece of advice was proven (unfortunately) correct in this instance as well. I had to pay for the shipping, which was reasonable, but on the back of each of my lovely mint coloured cards is an ad for the business that printed the cards. Had I known that this was the cost of “free”, I would have paid for the cards, or at least saved my pennies up until I could afford them sans advertisement.

Perhaps I overlooked the important sentence that stated: “You can have these cards for free, plus shipping, if you agree to have an ad for our business on the back, thus spoiling them.”

Perhaps I was so taken with getting something for “free” that I was not careful enough.

Perhaps I should charge the company for “free” advertising.

Whatever the case, I now have about a zillion of these cards (which are quite lovely by the way–as I designed them myself) that I have to “make do” with. I do this by applying a label on the back and writing in my email address and a little “check out my blog: onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com”. The labels probably cost more than paying full price for the cards. Oh well, live and learn.

Have you ever received something for “free” that was not really free?

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  1. Oops. Have you seen the sticky magnet backing for business cards? If you want people to stick them on their fridge, that could be an option.

    • I like that – good idea–then no one will see the back.

      • That’s a great idea! Do you mind if I borrow it? I just happen to have some magnetic self adhesive”tape”, 1″x10′ (Staples #39407 : )
        Even though my cards don’t have an ad emblazoned on the back I’m pretty sure they’re from the same source as yours; luckily the only extra “cost” so far has been never ending requests for more business.

      • A cost you can afford. I may just tap into that magnetic self adhesive tape myself.

  2. Always wondered about that. Now I know and glad I never invested. knew there had to be some kind of catch….:).

  3. smart girl

  4. I get lots of free advice, and I don ‘t even ask. I think you’re solution to the problem was genius!

  5. Thank you Peg- now I don’t feel so stupid. (love the comment about free advice – almost did not catch that – lol)

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