Update 3 – Some Successes

MSI laptop computer

MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have decided that I should post my successes and not just make fun of my failures. Right now my laptop is no longer on the dining room table as it was in my first organizing -101 post; I have cleared away most of my old agendas from council meetings I attend for my job at the newspaper; the dining room table was used for an actual meal yesterday (a birthday celebration for my oldest son Adam, he turned 26); and I have started filing the myriad of papers that need filing.

My blue box is full; I put new ink in the printer; and right now I am trying to figure out why all the icons I have on my home page are humongous on my laptop – have an urgent email to my youngest son who is away at college–he should get back to me in a day or two. Actually he calls rather than emails, but that is okay too. By the way, our illustrious Governor General emailed his daughters everyday when they were in university, so I believe I have it on good authority that I am not a helicopter mom, just someone who likes to communicate with my child on a daily basis–and he gets to ignore it.

A few more notes from my notes from Regina Leeds’ book: “One Year to an Organized Work Life”. Since I took the time to take the notes, I thought I would share them–like my son who ignores my emails, you can ignore these offerings, or hug them to your soul–your choice:

Since I stopped at number 4, I will begin at 5:

5. Focus on the future not the past. (Pithy advice–I like this)

6. Have faith (she does not say have faith in yourself or in a higher being, but I guess either one is a good choice, and both a bonus.)

7. Set one goal at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed

Okay, I am going to set one goal at a time so I do not get overwhelmed–I am going to start making my bed everyday–and not just throw the covers and quilt up over the bed in my usual willy nilly slipshod fashion. Will let you know how it goes,…..

Oh, I talked to my computer savvy son, seems I just had to right click on the mouse and choose my icon size–if you are wondering I chose medium.

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  1. You have inspired me Lou……I think I will do something out of my comfort zone, any suggestions?

  2. I just love reading your posts. I’m a lurker, will admit it 🙂

  3. Geez Peg – you already make your bed–I will let you know if I can come up with something out of your comfort zone – you would have to become unorganized for that/

  4. Chay, what is a lurker? I learn so much from you guys/

    • My definition is someone who reads posts, or Facebook walls but doesn’t always comment or add to the conversation :-).

  5. With all your productivity, Lou, in the writing field, I don’t think of you as one who is disorganized. Anyone who can write as well and as often as you must be organized–it’s a matter of what your priorities are versus the priorities that others might set. But don’t let me sway you from your new set goals.
    Cousin Nancy
    PS Hi Peggy. I can say hi to Chay also but do you now who I am?

  6. You are very wise – it is the priorities others set that I have the problem with – but don’t we all. Thank you for you comments-you made my day.

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