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I write a weekly column in the Kingsville Reporter and sometimes something to write about evades me so I turn to chance–here is the result:

Order. That is the title of a topic in a book I have just opened at random hoping to find a subject to write about. Sometimes I just have nothing to say, which makes it difficult when you are entrusted with turning out a weekly column. Correction: I have lots to say, but do you really want to hear about my frustration at trying to get the thick (and I mean THICK) layer of fuzz off a corduroy shirt I mistakenly washed with a fuzzy blanket? No? I didn’t think so. So I am trying a method people seem to use when searching for an answer—I am employing chance.

Many people look to the Bible for answers, and open it randomly hoping for a word or two of wisdom to guide their life, but I have found it does not always work for me. I usually happen on some passage about unhappy people wandering in the wilderness looking for answers and not finding them for forty some years. You will understand why I am looking elsewhere today for a bit quicker solution, as my deadline looms large.

The random solution seems to be the subject of Order. At least according to pages 156 to 157 in Janet Luhrs’ book, “The Simple Living Guide”.  Luhrs is very stuck on simple living, though one would think living simply would not need a 444 page tome in which to deliver the goods. Anyway, let us look at what she says about Order. Apparently it is “the hallmark of the simple life.” Luhrs says that life is much easier “when you can find what you are looking for”. Sure, but how interesting is that?

She also suggests that to simplify our lives we should go through our houses and “keep only those things that (we) love and give (us) a sense of pleasure.” She asks why we need a “tabletop of artifacts and what-nots jammed on there like crowds at a Christmas sale”, and puts forth the theory that less is better. My question to Ms. Luhrs is this—what if those artifacts and what-nots are the things we love and that give us a sense of pleasure? I can see that Luhrs is going to get nowhere with me and her sense of order. Turning the page, I see the title “Joy”—maybe this is something I can get behind.

Luhrs says that “joy is what you make it”, and that by finding joy in mundane tasks, we have found at least one of the secrets to a good life. Now, I must say that I like this drop of philosophy and will keep it in mind when I try to remove the thick blanket of fuzz from the above mentioned corduroy shirt (which if it were mine I might have thrown away, but it seems it is someone’s favourite shirt in this house.)

Okay, now back to Joy.  According to ‘Abdu’l-Baha’ (whom I am quoting only because he has such an interesting name): “Joy gives us wings. In times of joy our strength is more vital, our intellect keener, and our understanding less clouded. We seem better able to cope with the world and find our sphere of influence.” I don’t know about you, but if I can gain a keener intellect, a less cloudy understanding of life, and more vital strength just by being joyful, I will give it a whirl.  As for my “sphere of influence”—well, I will just have to keep looking for it.

Okay, turning to the next page, I find not what I am looking for, but the thing that I think is looking for me. Randomness does have its painful lessons as the next title is Patience– something I am sorely lacking.  Okay, is someone trying to send me a message here? Methinks Luhrs is just a bit preachy—but I guess we are all not in the choir.   I do like the next insight though. Luhrs says that “a little quiet waiting is good for the soul” and that in the end patience pays off by giving people a life that is “more serene and fulfilling”. I could use a scoop of serene with a dollop of fulfilling. Could I have that with a little ice cream and hot fudge sauce?

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