Roll up your silver sleeves
Get out the golden shovel
Garden fairies wake


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another good one from our friend David

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: One and Two and One and Two

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What I keep telling myself–one foot in front of the other, stand up straight, eyes ahead–no looking behind………..

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Sun strands streak the sky
Promise flip flop days to come
Warm my starving soul



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Reality Bites……..

Treasures on my lawn
Uncovered by the snow melt
Mostly garbage though.



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The storyteller arched her eyebrow,

Paused, and without losing a beat

Answered the question

I had posed only in my mind ~

“Because” she said.


Sometimes, I think, “because” is the only answer to some questions. What do you think?

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Hide and Seek

I caught a whiff of spring yesterday ~
Efforts to capture its fleeting essence
Were for naught.
Freshness escorted by bird ballads
replaced by cold rain and squally winds.

Winds threaten spring again today ~
We are enrobed by a diaphanous cape of fog.
Spring plays hide and seek
But I will keep looking ~
even if I have to count to one thousand and sixty-two.

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My offering for Day 3:

Writing gives me voice
Parses my wilderness
Shatters my loneliness

Written words are audible

They are heard.

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In trying to put together the puzzle that is my life
Sometimes I attack the borders first
Giving myself a frame to look out of ~
Sometimes I start in the corner
And try to work my way to the other side ~
Sometimes I go by colour
Painting my world a rosy shade ~
Sometimes I start in the middle of things
Circling, meandering, trying to find my way.
Sometimes — I look out of my frame to beauty;
Sometimes — I find the other side and find it wanting;
Sometimes — life is rosy, and this is where I want to stay
But most of the time, I circle, I meander, I keep trying
To make sense of the puzzle that is my life.

Two poems down, 28 to go.

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love this……………

 Bartley Kives captures the sullen attitude of Winnipeggers towards the never ending winter with this take on Simon and Garfunkel’s hit The Sound of Silence.


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